Dream A Little Dream

By Robert Roe

So, I was dreaming the other night. I’m sure you’ve had a similar dream – the one where you are dancing in a chorus line with Frank Sinatra and “Laugh In’s” Jo Anne Worley as part of a warm-up group for a band coming up next on the stage in the middle of a department store.

Then there is the one where the radio studio is being remodeled, so I’m trying to play rock music but the only tunes available are Muzak covers of artists no one has ever heard of. Or it’s time to give the news and I’ve forgotten how to read English.

What’s that? Am I the only one who has those dreams? Interesting.

Why can’t I have the types of dreams where I’m playing golf at a beachside resort. Revise that. Playing golf well at a beachside resort. Or enjoying non-stop rides through Disney’s Haunted Mansion (I had that experience once in Orlando. It was Magic!).

Instead, my dreams usually revolve around the final class of my last college semester. I always have one paper due that I need to complete before I can get my diploma. A paper which I had forgotten. The day before graduation.

Sound familiar? Apparently, the school scenario is one of the more common dreams people have. And while “Psychology Today” says there are no definitive causes for this dream, hypotheses include forgetting or worrying about forgetting something, being unsure about the future, or as a metaphor to paths not taken in life.

It’s funny what runs through one’s head overnight. When I was but a lad, I had a recurring dream where I was eaten by a giant apple. Dream interpretation sites say eating an apple means one is about to achieve great success. So…if the apple is eating me? Does that mean I snag one more lottery scratcher on the way home or throw my wallet into the Ohio?

Then there are the dreams I have about purchasing a gold car. Aside from my friend Garry and James Bond’s Auric Goldfinger, who else has a golden automobile? Me. In the Land of Nod. Online dream analysts say this represents warmth or agreement. Mine always means a new installment payment and trying to get my new ride off the auto lot situated on Walton Field. Thoughts? Suggestions?

“Mental Floss” lists the top dreams people have. They include falling, teeth falling out, showing up to work or school naked, test-taking, dying, meeting a celebrity, being chased, and showing up late.

I’ve fallen before while sleeping, but it is usually on a snowy, hilly road, and I’m driving a car off a chasm. Then the vision transitions into a church cake auction.

Another recurring dream is visiting the home where my Bride and I used to live and going up to the top floor. Some dream readers say a house in your dreams represents your inner being, your soul, and yourself. Attics, by being on the top of a house, represents one’s intellect. The attic in my dream is always haunted. Does that mean I have bats in the belfry?

I will leave that question hanging in the air for you to ponder. In the dark. In the quiet. Pleasant dreams!


By Robert Roe