Browning adds plane to miniatures

Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]

A new miniature is joining Kaye Browning’s collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center.

The miniature is a replica of a plane flown by Browning in 1963, something that is still special to her.

“The miniature is of the first Tri pacer plane that I soloed in 1963,” she said. “I was born in Maysville, but moved to Tennessee in 1960. When I decided to have this miniature created, I wanted a setting that captured rural Maysville.”

According to Browning, the artist is Michael Yurkovic, who has been a miniatures artist for many years, though this is the first time he has created one for Browning.

“He does the best outdoor scenes,” she said.

The miniature will be joining Browning’s permanent collection now housed at the museum.

“It will be somewhere in the permanent collection in the museum,” she said.

Browning’s miniatures are known for being exact replicas with real objects inside.

“Everything in the miniatures are real,” she said. “Everything is made from original materials and everything is usable, except anything organic, such as plants and food. All of the clock batteries have to be changed, the light bulbs have to be changed, the silver polished. All of the miniatures are lovingly made and can be blown up and used in your home.”

According to Browning, the first miniature she ever had created was a replica of the bed she slept in as a child.

“I was reading a book, “A is for Annabelle,” and I saw a picture of a four-poster bed with a quilt similar to the one that was made for my doll bed,” she said. “I had the bed recreated in 1/12 scale. I wanted it made because it was something special to me.”

Browning said she has thousands of miniatures in her collection.

The miniatures collection is on display at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center.

The museum is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]