Re-Elect Mayor David Cartmell!

Dear editor,

I have known Mayor David Cartmell since the early 1970’s at a time when the Maysville Community College and the Crounse Corporation were getting established here. During these ensuing years I have not only been pleased to count him as a friend but also to admire his leadership and dedication to the economic, educational, cultural and healthcare development in our city and county.

Someone told me this week they heard a person say they “couldn’t vote for Mayor Cartmell because he is rich.” I will vote for my friend and our iconic Mayor because he is rich! Yes, he’s rich in the qualities that help make him our outstanding mayor – qualities like honesty, integrity, truthfulness, intelligence, knowledge, patriotism, helpfulness, philanthropy and leadership. I will vote for Mayor Cartmell and ask our citizens to vote for him not because he will help me economically, with some personal grievance against the city government, some promise to get me anything or just because I don’t like someone else – No, I will vote for Mayor Cartmell and respectfully request your vote for him because he is a mayor and will continue to be a mayor who is well known and respected not only in our fair city but also in our state and nation! He knows how and where to get things done and has gotten good things done for our city and its people because of the qualities he has built and applied to a long list of accomplishments for our area he enumerated in a recent letter to the voters of Maysville. In addition, here are a few personal contributions he has made to the city and local organizations.

1. He has saved the taxpayers of Maysville over $130,000 by providing his own health insurance.

2. He accepts no contributions to his candidacy. He doesn’t owe and does not want to owe any special interest groups.

3. He has raised over $400,000 for area non-profits.

4. He has been a long-time contributor to Maysville Community and Technical College.

5. Comprehend will receive his mayoral salary for this year as a donation.

6. All of these and more show his investment in Maysville’s future!

Mayor David Cartmell is considered by state and national leaders and officials to be a mayor others would like to be and try to be! His accomplishments and awards for our city are the proofs of that.

Vote for Mayor David Cartmell for continuing progress in our city and surrounding area.

Dr. James Shires

President Emeritus

Maysville Community College of the University of Kentucky.

Colonel, U.S. Army – Retired.