Lisa Yeary: the proof is in the results

Dear editor,

Seems like yesterday we completed the May Primary. It’s now Fall General Election season, as the signs will sprout like flowers in the spring and our politicians shall be shaking hands and kissing babies.

As we make our decision on who we would like to see in office, I would like to recommend Lisa Yeary. Our current jailer has made monumental strides in making our jail one of the best, if not the best, in the state. She has surrounded herself with past police and correction administrators who assist and advise her in the daily operations of the jail. Lisa Yeary has also retained a professional kitchen manager, who also has a background in corrections

However, Lisa Yeary takes the lead in all decisions that are made.

In essence, Lisa Yeary is a person who listens to all sides of an issue, then takes the information at hand on her shoulders to make the right decisions. Lisa Yeary is a tried and true jail administrator with the background and qualifications to continue the positive and professional path the detention center is currently operating.

It would be hard, if not impossible, to find anyone other than Lisa Yeary with her background in probation/parole corrections to operate a detention facility with a $3.2 million. We are very fortunate to have her running for the position.

As a 30-plus year veteran in law enforcement, serving from the street ranks to police administration, I always believed a law enforcement officer could easily be the chief administrator of a detention center.

As the current internal affairs officer and investigator for the detention center, I have found law enforcement training is only a fraction of what is required to be a jailer. A jailer is responsible for for all aspects of the corrections area. Housing, safety, feeding and medical assistance are among a plethora of other areas are a day to day task for a jailer.

Law enforcement is on the opposite end of the spectrum with the needs of a facility to house inmates. Investigations are only a part of the issues a jailer has to deal with. As law enforcement officers are tasked with public safety and corralling of of criminals, a jailer is responsible for most all of the inmate’s life decisions while incarcerated; food, housing and safety, to name a few.

As a police administrator and officer, I have been involved in budgets, personnel and the arresting of criminals; however, I have found it takes a special trained and experienced individual to mold the issues of housing, feeding, discipline, compliance and control of our inmates.

I have seen this first-hand over the past year as internal affairs/investigations officer, and have a new found respect for the position of jailer—a monumental job for one person.

Lisa Kern Yeary has all of the above qualifications and a great track record as to how she can and has operated a professional detention facility. She is proven, and a well established jailer; her record confirmed my observations.

Please vote Lisa Kern Yeary, the most experienced, professional and only qualified person on the ticket for jailer of Mason County.

Michael A. Rigdon