Dog found dead sparks investigation

VANCEBURG — The Lewis County Sheriff is currently investigating the death of a German shepherd dog found in a local creek.

A cage containing the remains of a presumed adolescent dog were discovered Saturday by a family swimming in Kinniconick Creek in Lewis County. According to Deputy Dennis Brown of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, a woman with the family noticed a corner of the cage jutting above the water, which prompted her husband to retrieve the cage, revealing the dog’s body inside.

“The woman said it appeared to have been in the water for some time,” Brown said.

The exact location where the dog’s remains were found, Brown said, was in an area of Kinniconick Creek known locally as Basin Hole, located between the Camp Dix area and Kentucky 9 AA Highway.

Once the dog was found, the sheriff’s department was notified, and an investigation was opened into the nature of the animal’s death, Brown said.

“We’re just trying to get some leads,” Brown said.

With very little to go on, the sheriff’s department is unsure as to what caused the cage, with dog in tow, to end up in the creek. Brown said he hoped due to the heavy rains experienced recently, perhaps the cage was swept away and ended up in the creek, which is preferable to the alternative — someone intentionally putting the cage with the dog trapped inside in the creek.

Media coverage has prompted several people to contact the sheriff’s office with information, stating they recognized the dog which had been wandering around their neighborhood. After further investigations, however, nothing conclusive has turned up.

“As far as leads around here,” Brown said, “we don’t have many.”

Brown said the sheriff is planning to investigate a location in the Garrison area today to determine if the dog was from around the area. As it stands, there is no conclusive evidence to suspect foul play, Brown said.

Anyone with information regarding how the dog and cage ended up in Kinniconick Creek, or who the owners may have been, can contact the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at 606-796-2912.


Jonathan Wright

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