USDA reco gives EnviroFlight a boost

Staff Report

A recent recommendation from the U.S Food and Drug Administration will have a positive impact on a business opening soon in Maysville.

USDA has recommended amending the Association of American Feed Control Officials ingredient definition of dried black soldier fly larvae to include feeding to poultry, according to an announcement from EnviroFlight LLC, according to information from

EnviroFlight will produce BSFL for animal consumption at its facility in Maysville set to open late this year. Though the BSFL can be produced for human consumption, EnviroFlight will only focus on animal consumption.

The recommended amendment of the BSFL definition for use in poultry feed expands the potential for this ingredient as a more sustainable source of protein and enables a nutritious, natural feed ingredient for poultry diets, EnviroFlight said.

“This ruling pretty much guarantees the viability of the EnviroFlight project in Maysville,” Mayor David Cartmell said. “Kudos to EnviroFlight and the USDA.”

“The recent announcement by the FDA regarding EnviroFlight and their black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) technology underscores the endless potential of EnviroFlight and their technology,” Mason County Economic Development Director Owen McNeill said. “Maysville and Mason County residents can take pride in the fact that a local employer is leading the way for agricultural technology and the fact that they represent the nation’s first production facility utilizing this technology.”

According to AAFCO is made up of of state, federal and international regulatory officials who are responsible for the enforcement of state laws regulating the safe production and labeling of animal feed, including pet food. FDA and AAFCO work together in the area of feed regulation, particularly in the establishment of definitions to describe new feed ingredients, FDA noted on its Center for Veterinary Medicine website. FDA provides technical assistance to AAFCO in its ingredient definition process, while the final responsibility to approve ingredient definitions remains with AAFCO.

Research conducted by EnviroFlight on broiler chickens with Dr. Kimberly Livingston, assistant professor in nutrition, immunology and physiology at North Carolina State University, and on laying hens with Dr. Paul Patterson, professor of poultry science at The Pennsylvania State University, supports these ingredients for inclusion in feed for poultry species, the website indicates. This research was performed with ingredients produced at the EnviroFlight facility that have met the highest quality standards established by the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act, the announcement said.

“Black soldier fly larvae ingredients (meal, oil and whole larvae) produced by EnviroFlight provide an exciting nutrient option for laying hens with significant amounts of energy, protein, essential amino acids, fatty acids and minerals that support the hens’ bodyweight, egg production and quality,” Patterson said.

EnviroFlight said it will support this new market opportunity with the first U.S.-based, pet food-grade, FSMA-compliant facility opening in the fourth quarter of 2018. EnviroFlight’s facility in Maysville, will have a production capacity for dried BSFL of up to 3,200 metric tons per year.

During a recent presentation, EnviroFlight President Liz Koutsos said the Maysville EnviroFlight location will be the first commercial scale insect production facility in the United States. It will employee 25 people when it first opens. However, it will employ more as the plant expands.

The plant will be located along Kentucky 9 in the old Emerson building.

“The plant will be cleaner than even your typical human food plant,” she said. “They’ll be the cleanest maggots you’ve ever seen. We’ll employee about 20-25 people during the first phase and we’re expected to grow through three phases. We do have an active business plan to grow and with each growth, we’ll increase our employees as well.”

Koutsos said Maysville was chosen for the plant due to access to Kentucky 9 and the proximity to their feed stock plant.

“EnviroFlight’s success and recognition by the FDA for their technology only underscores the growing momentum our region is producing for attracting high-impact employers,” McNeill said. “Furthermore, their focus on agricultural technology shows the tremendous diversity within our economy. Whether a company produces or utilizes world class gearing, automotive parts, GIS/surveying technology or black soldier fly larvae, they can certainly excel in Maysville and Mason County.”

EnviroFlight, a joint venture between Intrexon Corp. and Darling Ingredients Inc., develops sustainable animal and plant nutrients using regionally available, low-value materials.

Staff Report