Take a trip, er tripe

I’d like to see Michael Reagan after reading his tripe in The Ledger today, which is Wednesday. I like to see him stand in eastern Europe — his ideology would fit in more over there than it does over here.

On point

I think Jeff Schumacher hit the nail right on the head. Good for you.

Sweeping change needed

I just want to complain about the city of Maysville not notifying the residents that the street sweepers are not going to work. It’s been two weeks since it’s worked, and my neighbor uses a walker to go across the street to park the car on the other side and two weeks in a row that he hadn’t needed to do that. So you need to come up with a different system; put it on the radio, or the paper, something.

President treated badly

I remember when President Roosevelt was the president back in the 30s and the 40s, and I remembered every president up to present day. I’ve never seen any president criticized about and treated like President Trump. His wife is treated bad, his children are treated bad and I guess if the sun didn’t come up in Chicago in the morning it would be his fault. With how bad he was treated, Obama was treated like he was a saint.

Big difference

I beg to differ with the caller’s ‘nothing good comes from’ list. If I’m in an establishment with the caller, and he or she wants to have a bourbon and coke, plate full of food, while playing poker and watching a Hollywood movie, it only affects the caller. However, if said caller lights up a cigarette, it then can affect me — a big difference there.