Neither Bevin nor Beshear

Dear editor,

In a few weeks the voters of Kentucky will decide whom will serve as our constitutional officials for the next four years. Two of the most important officials are governor and the attorney general. The current governor and attorney general have been failure in several ways.

It has always been my understanding that the attorney general was to represent the state in civil actions, prosecute criminals, etc., rather than sue the governor repeatedly and defend criminals. I am not personally aware of a single state employee that the attorney general has prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing not am I aware of a single request he has made for assistance from the United States Attorney’s office. I am personally aware of numerous criminal acts by state employees and officials and when the issues came to his office, he has defended their misdeeds.

Kentucky has one of the worst if not the worst record of any state in the nation regarding the neglect and abuse of children and the elderly. The obligation to protect children and the elderly lies with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS). The state’s newspapers had to sure for records and be awarded thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees because CHFS employees violated state law. The governor has done absolutely nothing so far as I know to address the problems or to weed out the bad employees.

Several states, including Tennessee, have enacted the Campbell-Flak Act to protect families from abuse by nursing homes. The state senator that has blocked legislation from getting a vote in the Senate is Governor Bevin’s running mate for Lt. Gov. This fact speaks volumes about where Governor Bevin’s heart is regarding abuse of the elderly.

According to the attorney general’s website, he is pretending to be enforcing the “Adult Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act.” This is a federal statue intended to ensure that the United States Attorney have a trained assistant in his office to investigate and prosecute abusers of the elderly. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions prosecuted a number of these cases and a major one was in the Western District of Kentucky involving an attorney who has been sentenced to eight years in prison and the United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Kentucky has ignored a case involving a similar sum of fraud and embezzlement and both the governor and Andy Beshear have rebuffed requests to ask the U.S. Attorney in Lexington to investigate and the State Police claim they do not have time to investigate a $1 million fraud. Elderly fraud and abuse is a $3 billion per year industry nationwide, according to the Government Accountability Office. More details at

Neither Governor Bevin nor Attorney General Beshear is deserving of a single vote.

Robert Moore