Please write-in Bennett for commissioner

Dear editor,

As a life long resident of Maysviile I am happy and honored to endorse Kirby Bennett as a write-in candiate for the Maysville City Commission.

I have known Kirby Bennett and his family since I was a child. We all grew up and old together. Kirby’s entire family has always been involved with civic organizations and community activism, to make Maysville a better place to live. We know and respect his mother Carol Bennett and fondly remember his grandmother, Henrietta Yates.

Most people in Maysville know Kirby. They know him as a physical laborer; a hard worker; a church member; an independent thinker; a friend; a devoted son; a family man; a football fan; a home owner; a small business owner; a community leader; a mentor and genuinely good person. Any time I have ever asked Kirby for help he has always responed in the same way. After asking “Where do you need me and when do you need me?” he says “I’ll be there.”. And then he actually shows up!

I am asking for you to vote for Kirby Bennett. I beleive Kirby is very qualified to be one of our city commissioners. I base this upon his positive attitude; his committment to making Maysville an even better place to live; his work ethic; his history of service to others; his ability to get along with others while maintaining his independence and his honesty.

Maysville prides itself as a progressive and forward thinking community. This election gives us an opportunity to add a legimate diversity to our city government. Kirby is a great choice to bring a more inclusive representation to the table. I ask that you give Kirby a chance to share a different perspective to our city’s needs and dreams.

Please write-in Kirby Bennett for city commissioner on November 6th. Kirby Bennett will serve us well.

Thank you,

Ann C. Johnson