Back for the future

Please bring back the old comics and puzzle page. Why revamp, when it was great the way it was?

Make a difference

This is for the city commissioners, county commissioners and the city of Maysville. You all need to do something, we have no businesses in this town, we need some new restaurants; all we’ve got is the same thing, day in and day out. We need something new. Get up off of your butt and do something. Earn your dough.

More to Maysville than downtown

The city is only worried about the upkeep of downtown Maysville, they don’t care about what the top of the hill looks like. They need to get up off of their behinds, and do something.

Works for me

Thanks so much for the crossword puzzle. To the person complaining about the answers, I’d cut the corner out and hide it, until I was finished. It worked for me. Love my paper, thanks again.