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BROOKSVILLE —On Wednesday, Kentucky Wired representative Jim Askins visited Bracken County Fiscal Court.

Askins said he, and other representatives on the project, are visiting every county in Kentucky to discuss the impact of the project, which will provide fiber optic internet service to all state residents.

The Kentucky Wired project has an anticipated completion date of 2020.

KentuckyWired will enhance the speed and efficiency of state government agencies and bring an economic boost to the Commonwealth as its middle mile network becomes available to the private sector. It will also enhance healthcare, education, cellular phone service and enrich the lives of all citizens of Kentucky.

“We’re working to put fiber optic internet in all 120 counties of Kentucky,” he said. “It’s the largest P3 project in the country. It’s a private and public partnership that will allow for companies to lease space on the line and sell that space to the general public.”

According to Askins, 3,400 miles of line will be installed over the next two years.

“Our goal is to have it online in 2020,” he said. “Bracken County is in the ring five. You’re expected to be completed by August 2020.”

Askins said any business would be able to lease the internet, whether it be a large company or a small, one person shop.

“We don’t take it to homes and businesses,” he said. “We make it available so any business that wants to purchase a lease can do so and then they take it to the residents.”

According to Askins, anyone wanting more information on the project can visit or

“Both of those sites are updated regularly,” he said.

Askins said there is also a number that links directly to a call center, where questions can be answered. That number is 888-511-9918.

A “hut” for the project was installed in Maysville in December 2017.

The huts, which are being placed throughout the commonwealth, will be the connection point for all state government offices, universities, community colleges, libraries, and internet service providers for Mason County and surrounding areas.

The hut is 15 feet wide, 22 feet long, and 9 feet high and was placed on the northwest corner of the MCTC campus on U.S. 62, along with a generator.

During the meeting, Judge-Executive Earl Bush told magistrates that the Brooksville Volunteer Fire Department requested a donation from the fiscal court in order to purchase a tanker for the department.

According to Bush, the department did not request a specific amount, but said whatever the court could offer would help.

The item was tabled until July, when a representative from the department will be asked to discuss the plans for the tanker.

Other items discussed at the meeting included:

— Approving the 2017 sheriff’s office tax settlement.

— Approving claims.


Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]