Getting to know us: News Reporter Damon Huff


I’m Damon Huff, a.k.a. your friendly neighborhood writer-man.

I was born and raised in Salyersville. That’s Magoffin County, since I inevitably have to explain that to people who ask. If people don’t know them beyond that I just tell them not to blink at the end of the Mountain Parkway in Eastern Kentucky or you’ll miss the whole town.

I graduated from Magoffin County High School and took my talents to Morehead State University where I had decided to major in creative writing. I absolutely loved it until one night around midnight when I found myself having to re-read the same page of Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” a dozen times due to drifting off.

I realized the canonical literary world wasn’t for me, so I searched for a new major. One that would allow me to continue to write, an act I still love to this day.

I ended up in convergent media, which is a conglomeration of news reporting, audio tech, video tech, graphic design, web design, and a whole slew of other goodies. I’m a jack of all trades, master of … hopefully at least a few.

My love for news stemmed from working as a sports/news reporter on the campus news station, NewsCenter. I guess it was just in my blood; my dad was a newspaper reporter for over 30 years.

As well as NewsCenter, I also interned with the City of Morehead’s Mayor’s Office, where I wrote a monthly newsletter and maintained the city’s website. I also interned with Morehead State Athletics as a video production assistant, helping to broadcast every home sports game live on the OVC Digital Network.

When I applied for jobs upon graduation, I didn’t even have newspaper on my radar. I knew I was a TV guy and that’s where I was going to go, but I was always told to reach out of my comfort zone in the job market and in life in general, so I tried to keep my options open.

So when I got the call from The Ledger Independent, I frantically looked up Maysville and it didn’t seem like such a bad place. Lots of parks, cool historical places to explore and … they have a Pasquale’s?!

I knew I’d like it here.

So here I am, almost a year at The Ledger Independent bringing you the news from Adams, Brown, Lewis and Mason counties. I moved up here and now live across the river in Aberdeen. I’m becoming quite fond of my adopted town(s).

I guess that means that technically I’ve become a Buckeye. Sorry, dad.

I hope the news I bring you is informative, helpful and not a complete chore to read through! Know that I always do my best work, because you deserve my best work.

Nice talk. Enjoy your day and smile once in a while, will you?