COVID-19 numbers rising again

Mary Ann Kearns [email protected]

On Wednesday, Gov. Andy Beshear announced the highest-ever daily report of COVID-19 cases in the commonwealth and the highest positivity rate since May 5.

“Today’s numbers show how critically important a centralized effort and response is to defeating this virus,” said Beshear.

Locally, numbers also showed an increase with four of five local counties — Bracken Mason, Fleming and Robertson — in the red zone. Lewis County is in the orange show, according to the latest state incidence rate map.

The latest numbers available for local counties include:

Mason County — 1,043 total cases, 137 cases currently active, 30 deaths.

Robertson County — 167 total cases, 34 currently active, 11 deaths.

Bracken County — 332 total cases, 41 currently active, four deaths

Lewis County — 886 total cases, 57 currently active, 26 deaths.

Fleming County — 763 total cases, 55 currently active, nine deaths

Adams County, Ohio — 1,466 cases, 14 deaths

Brown County, Ohio — 2,600 total cases, 15 deaths

In area long-term care and assisted living facilities, case numbers available for the state include (for 2021 only):

Bracken County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center — No cases reported among residents, one active case among staff.

Kenton Pointe Assisted Living — No cases among residents, one recovered case reported among staff.

Pioneer Trace Group — One case recovered, 10 active, two deaths, 13 total among residents; three recovered, five active, among staff.

Robertson County Health Care Facility — One recovered, two deaths among residents; one recovered, two active among staff.

There have been no reported cases so far from Maysville Nursing and Rehabilitation or from the Vanceburg Nursing Facility in 2021, according to state data. State numbers typically run several days behind the actual case numbers.

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