Flowers still blooming in downtown Maysville

Mary Ann Kearns [email protected]

				                                This mural facing McDonald Parkway is the latest in a series of downtown art projects in Maysville.

This mural facing McDonald Parkway is the latest in a series of downtown art projects in Maysville.

Perhaps you could call downtown Maysville’s most recent public art project wallflowers.

The mural in shades of blue with red and yellow accents covers the rear wall facing McDonald Parkway of the former Ledger Independent building on Second Street.

According to Maysville Main Street Director Caroline Reece, building owners Steve and Daisy Pate, who came to Maysville from California, “love Maysville and were more than willing to let us use the back of their building as a canvas.”

The resulting work is sure to catch the eye of both residents and visitors with its bright colors and inclusive message. A hand in the mural shows two fingers raised in a V with a heart nestled between the digits. Maysville is spelled out with the center V.

The mural is part of the Main Street beautification project that began with a mural featuring local high school basketball colors on the walls of Browning Park on Third Street and now includes a painting of a bouquet of flowers on Sean George’s Courika Solutions building and another on McDonald Parkway featuring balloons as a backdrop for photos.

The latest project features the work of Maysville artist Stephanie Martinez.

“I cannot say enough how lucky we are to have access to MCHS art teacher Stephanie Martinez. Not only is she ultra-talented, but she is always excited to put that talent toward good use to beautify her – and our – community,” Reece said.

Martinez was working to beat the weather the past few weeks, Reece said.

”We have been trying to get as much done as possible before the weather gets bad,” she said.

The city and Main Street have made efforts over the past year or so to make the downtown area more attractive to foot traffic.

“It seemed like a good way to jazz up that area and make it more appealing for folks to park in the McDonald Parkway lot and walk through the short allies to the business district,” Reece said, as she pointed out the alleyways were also paved, decorated, and lighted for the same reason.

Projects like the mural are what makes Maysville unique, Reece said before.

“It’s those kinds of things that make our community work so well,” she said.

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