Areas see increase in coronavirus

Mary Ann Kearns [email protected]

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 being reported by local counties continues to rise.

On Friday morning, the Fleming County Health Department reported 55 confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded in the county during the pandemic. There are currently 18 active cases with no hospitalizations, officials with the health department said.

Lewis County is currently at 36 cases of COVID-19, officials with the Lewis County Health Department are reporting. The current number of active cases is nine, what officials said is the highest number of cases received in one week.

In Mason County, the current number of reported coronavirus cases from the Buffalo Trace Health District stood at 53 Thursday with 47 of those recovered and one death. Robertson County’s numbers remained steady at three cases with two recovered.

In Bracken County there are seven active confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 21 recovered.

Across the Ohio River in neighboring Adams County, Ohio, 54 cases have been reported with 34 recovered, 18 active, two deaths. And in Brown County, Ohio, 100 confirmed cases have been reported with 87 recovered and one death.

All local health department are encouraging residents to use a mask we out in public and to follow the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Kentucky health officials. They include:

— Stay home if ill.

— Wear a face covering in public.

— Avoid large crowds and gatherings.

— Practice social distancing (remain six feet apart).

— Wash hands and surfaces frequently.

— Monitor symptoms and remember to seek medical attention if needed.