Golf cart ordinance parked in Flemingsburg

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG — Residents of Flemingsburg will have to wait a little longer before they get to drive their golf carts in town.

The second reading of an ordinance which would allow residents to operate golf carts within city limits was shot down by the Flemingsburg City Council Monday evening. In its place a new ordinance, with a minor change, earned a first reading and will still allow citizens to drive their golf carts.

According to the ordinance, in order for a golf cart to be allowed on city streets a permit must be issued by the city and be properly displayed on the vehicle, an inspection must be conducted on the vehicle by the Fleming County Sheriff’s Office to ensure compliance to the ordinance, the vehicle must be insured by the owner, the vehicle can only be operated between sunrise and sunset, the operator of the vehicle must have a valid license in their possession and can be operated without crossing a roadway at an intersection where the road being crossed has a posted speed limit of over 25 miles per hour.

A point of contention among the council was the 25 mile per hour speed limit when crossing a road. The council was divided between keeping the 25 mile per hour speed or raising it to 35 in order to be more inclusive to the roads.

Council Member Georgianna Sparks said Police Chief Brian Bowling and his department are willing to enforce the ordinance and that he recommends the 25 mile per hour speed. With this in mind, she too wants to support the ordinance as is.

When it came to a roll call vote to approve of the ordinance, the verdict was three ‘yes’ and three ‘no.’ Money broke the tie by voting not to approve the ordinance.

“We were discriminating against three fourths of the town,” Mayor Bobby Money said, “we were telling them they couldn’t use a golf cart, but if you lived on a street with a 25 miles per hour limit you could drive it, and I didn’t think that was fair.”

After the vote, Council Member Danny Carpenter made a motion to propose another ordinance, exactly like the one discussed, which allows golf carts to cross roadways and intersection with 35 mile per hour speeds and let it run on a one-year trial to see how it will play out for the city.

“Golf carts are very safe as long as they’re used in the manner they’re supposed to be used, irregardless whether it’s a 25 mile per hour road or a 35 mile per hour road. So we decided to raise it to 35 so practically our entire city can do it,” Money said.

Like the original ordinance, newly proposed ordinance by Carpenter was split by the council, with Money breaking the tie in favor of the motion. A second reading will be held for the ordinance at the council’s September meeting.

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]