Despite medical issues, Hank is hard to resist

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Hank -

WEST UNION, Ohio — Every once in a while, an animal comes along that touches the lives and hearts of people near and far.

In the late summer of 2018, a skinny, mangy mongrel dog walked through the doors of the animal shelter in West Union, and quickly had the adoration and support of thousands of people who worked together to share his story and raise funds to give him a second chance.

Hank had a mostly outdoor life before he came to the animal shelter. He was surrendered to the Humane Society of Adams County in August 2018 when his owners found they could not afford to treat his chronic skin condition or to have a cancerous growth removed from his left front leg.

Once in the care of the animal shelter’s medical staff, Hank’s skin quickly began to clear up and his hair started to grow back, shiny and sleek. The growth on Hank’s leg was removed by Dr. Michael Glass at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic in Maysville. Hank was also neutered at the same time and stayed in the hospital for seven days to recuperate.

Now that Hank’s immediate medical issues have been treated, he is ready for a great new home. Potential adopters will be getting a solidly loyal companion if they add Hank to their family, but he may still face some challenges in the future. The leg growth was sent to a laboratory and the results came back that the mass was a form of skin cancer. It is not known if the cancer will return, though Dr. Glass is optimistic that he was able to get all of it removed.

Hank has an autoimmune condition that causes him to have sensitive skin, for which he will need to be on high-quality dog food and take monthly medication for the rest of his life. Otherwise, Hank is a healthy and energetic dog. He loves to give slobbery kisses and to climb in people’s laps, even though, at 65 pounds, he really doesn’t fit.

Hank was born in 2013 and, at just five years old, he has a lot of living yet to do. He’s a world-class cuddler and couch-hog, and he adores children of all ages and sizes. He also enjoys rides in the car.

Hank is not a fan of cats, except as a potential dinner item, so a cat-free home is essential. Due to his sensitive skin, Hank needs to go to a home where he will kept safely indoors most of the time, to avoid exposure to the sun.

Thanks to some very generous donors, sweet Hank has a reduced adoption fee of just $50 with an approved adoption application. The adoption process includes veterinary reference checks and possible home visits.

For more information about Hank, or to schedule a time to fill out an adoption application or meet him in person, please call 937-544-8585 or email [email protected] You may also stop in at the animal shelter during regular business hours, which are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. The shelter is closed on Sunday and Wednesday.


Staff Report