Commission race getting crowded

Mary Ann Kearns - [email protected]

An attorney and a former newspaper publisher have joined what is becoming a crowded race for Maysville City Commission.

Attorney Andrew Wood and retired Ledger Independent publisher Robert Hendrickson have announced their intentions to Mason County Clerk Stephanie Schumacher and will join five other write-in candidates and three on the ballot for the four commission spots available, Schumacher said Tuesday. And there may be other candidates out there, she said, since several other people have called the clerk’s office showing interest in the race.

There are now only three eligible candidates named on the ballot for the four available spots on commission, meaning at least one write-in candidate will take a seat on the panel. Among those who previously declared their intentions to run as a write-in candidate are David Doyle, Robbie Detro, Ann Brammer and Kathryn Gilligan, along with Barry Shrout who originally filed as a candidate for Mason County School Board District 5. He has withdrawn from that race and has thrown his hat into the commission race as a write-in.

Others interested in seeking office as a write-in candidate have until Oct. 26 to file a declaration of intent with the county clerk, according to the SOS election calendar.

Current commissioners Victor McKay and Kelly Ashley have filed for reelection and Jeff Brammer, who was named last month to fill Schumacher’s seat until January, had also filed earlier and will appear on the ballot.

Commissioner Judy Pfeffer did not file for reelection.

Mason County Clerk Stephanie Schumacher said ballots have already been printed with the late Jerry Schumacher’s name, however votes for him will not be tallied. Schumacher, a long-time commissioner, died last month.

Mary Ann Kearns

[email protected]