Abandoned kitten finds new life, home

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]
Kate the kitten is doing much better after being taken care of by Violet Jolly. -

An old T-shirt laying on the ground may not raise any questions by many, but for the attentive, there may be a life at stake.

Violet Jolly, a resident of Mason County, discovered an abandoned kitten this week at a nearby gas station. Although the kitten was near death, Jolly has spent the past few day nursing the tiny creature back to health.

Jolly said she found the kitten abandoned near the Marathon gas station Monday morning. After making a routine trip to the station to fill up her truck and gather fuel for her lawn mowers, she happened upon a bundled up 2015 Fleming County High School Homecoming T-shirt.

Were it not for a slight shuffling and little cat ear poking out from the shirt, Jolly said she wouldn’t have known the kitten was there.

“There was something in it, shaking and moving, and I went in and asked the lady what was wrong with that kitten out there and she said is wasn’t there when she opened the store,” Jolly said. “Apparently someone had dropped it (off).”

Feeling compassion for the abandoned critter, Jolly picked up the young feline and took it home with her. When she got the kitten home, she discovered it was in bad shape; the kitten barely moved, was stiff, and would barely eat.

After a few days of keeping the kitten warm with a heating pad and feeding it milk through an eye dropper, with the constant care Jolly provided it is now out and about on Jolly’s farm. Jolly believes the kitten, now named Kate, will make a full recovery.

Having grown up and lived on farms her entire life, Jolly is no stranger to caring for animals and has a deep love for them. Many of her pets in and around her home have been rescued in one way or another, and she said she doesn’t understand why people drop off unwanted pets instead of trying to find new owners or taking them to shelters.

“We wouldn’t have this problem if people would have their cats spayed and neutered,” she said, “you wouldn’t have all of these little kittens and things for people to drop off.”

Jolly says Kate can expect to have a permanent home with her. Once she gets older, Jolly plans to have Kate spayed.

Kate the kitten is doing much better after being taken care of by Violet Jolly.
https://maysville-online.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/web1_100518-news-kittenstory-2.jpgKate the kitten is doing much better after being taken care of by Violet Jolly.

Jonathan Wright

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