City conducts closed session to consider candidates

Mary Ann Kearns - [email protected]

Replacing the late Jerry Schumacher on Maysville City Commission was the only item on the agenda for a special meeting of city commissioners Tuesday.

Over the objections of The Ledger Independent, commissioners, Mayor David Cartmell, City Manager Matt Wallingford and City Attorney Sue Brammer went into closed session to review options to fill the vacancy created by Schumacher’s death. No action was taken.

Another special meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 4:45 p.m., at the Municipal Building during which a commissioner is expected to be named.

Wallingford said earlier with no many issues on the commission’s plate, there is a need to get the seat filled as soon as possible.

Whomever gets the nod from the commission may have a short tenure since the position will be filled in the November election.

With only three names now in the running — incumbents Victor McKay and Kelly Ashley and newcomer Jeff Brammer — and current Commissioner Judy Pfeffer choosing not to run for reelection, a write-in candidate could win the seat in November.

Two candidates have already filled for the seat as write-ins, Mason County Clerk Stephanie Schumacher said Tuesday. They are David Doyle and Robbie Detro.

Anyone interested in seeking office as a write-in candidate has until Oct. 26 to file a declaration of intent with their county clerk, according to the SOS election calendar.

Schumacher said ballots have already been printed with Jerry Schumacher’s name, however votes for him will not be tallied.

Mary Ann Kearns

[email protected]