City to meet privately on candidates

Mary Ann Kearns - [email protected]

Maysville City Commission will meet in closed session at noon on Tuesday to discuss filling the vacancy left by the recent death of Commissioner Jerry Schumacher.

In calling for the meeting behind closed doors, Maysville City Manager Matt Wallingford said the commission is following procedures recommended by the Department of Local Government. He said he has also talked with City Attorney Sue Brammer about the issue.

Wallingford said anyone on commission can recommend someone to fill the position but it would take a majority vote of council to make the appointment.

“My goal is to talk with them and see which way they want to go,” Wallingford said. Once he gets a name, he plans to reach out to that person to see if they are interested in serving, he said.

A second special meeting will be set to vote on the appointment, he said.

If the city commission fails to name someone, then the responsibility would fall to the governor, Wallingford said.

The appointment could be for only a few months since city commission candidates are on the November ballot. With only three names now in the running and current Commissioner Judy Pfeffer choosing not to run for reelection, a write-in candidate could win the seat in November.

Anyone interested in seeking office as a write-in candidate has until Oct. 26 to file a declaration of intent with their county clerk, according to the SOS election calendar.

Mason County Clerk Stephanie Schumacher said ballots have already been printed with Jerry Schumacher’s name, however votes for him will not be tallied.

Mary Ann Kearns

[email protected]