Students learn from energy kits

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

RIPLEY, Ohio — Knowing the importance of energy and its conservation, RULH Elementary School is taking steps to teach its students that importance.

RULH Elementary School is incorporating the My Energy Kit Challenge to teach students the importance of energy conservation and how to be friendly to the environment. The challenge provides students with items that will better conserve energy in their household as well as raise money for the school.

According to Principal Aric Fiscus, the My Energy Kit Challenge has been used in the elementary school for about four years and is sponsored by Duke Energy. The company holds assemblys at various schools to educate students on energy efficiency.

Students can have their parents visit the My Energy Kit website to acquire a free kit from Duke Energy. Some of the items included in those kits are Energy Star approved LED light bulbs, and energy efficient shower head and a kitchen and bathroom faucet aerator.

With these kits, students are able to learn at an early age the importance of energy conservation and the science behind it.

“Being an elementary school, we spend a lot of time on reading and math,” Fiscus said. “Anytime we can interject science, social studies, civics, anything like that, in a way that’s fun and interactive, we try to do that. This program does that very well.”

Jennifer Scott, fourth grade science teacher at the elementary school, says the assemblies Duke Energy holds at the school teach the kids energy conservation through fun little skits with a new theme each year. The science class tries to reinforce that notion of conservation for the students after the performances.

“They get really excited when they see the play,” Scott said.

Fiscus said for every 100 people who visit the website and request a kit, RULH Elementary will receive $250. The money received will be added to the school’s principal fund and used for student incentives for positive behavior.

Over the years as the school implements the My Energy Kit Challenge, the goal is always the same: education in energy conservation and becoming conscious about the environment.

“Our goal is always education,” Fiscus said, “to teach kids how to conserve energy, what things we can do even in our own homes in Ripley, or Higginsport or Aberdeen to benefit our environment and the greater good.”

Parents can visit to learn more about the challenge and the free kits they provide. Fiscus said those who do not have Duke Energy as their provider are still welcome to receive the kits.

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]