Fleming Schools launch new app

Hanna Mills - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG – Fleming County High School announced the launch of its new app on Tuesday.

The app is now accessible to users and will provide the same information that the schools website does, according to district officials.

Denise Brown, chief information officer for Fleming County Schools, and the design team at SchoolPointe brought the app to life after several long months of work.

“Two years ago, parents and community members brought us a wish list of what they wanted to see on the website and on an app. We’ve been working on an app for a while now and when it was developed, we were able to just plug in all that information from the website onto the app,” explained Superintendent Brian Creasman.

In a letter to the people of Fleming County, Creasman also stated “Over the past year, students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members have requested a mobile app, and today we deliver. another promise made and another promise kept. We want to thank everyone who helped design the districts website which the app only magnifies. We feel that the districts mobile app is one of the best public school district apps on the market today. With your continued feedback, the app will become even better”

Principal Stephanie Emmons also added “We want to make the school district accessible. The website wasn’t being utilized as much but now they can go onto the app and access the information they’re looking for. We’re very excited. The app came as a huge surprise; other schools are wanting an app now.”

Key features of the app include news, events, staff, schools, notifications, school lunch menus, the weekly video segments and the board of education.

“The new app is for anyone — parents, staff, students, anyone in the community who wants to be involved. We hope to receive feedback and recommendations from everyone who uses the app. If they want something on the app, they can come to us, tell us, and we will deliver,” officials said.

The app is easily navigated and users can customize which schools they want to receive notifications from.

The app is free and available to download in both the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Androids. In either app store, search for Fleming County School District.

For more information or suggestions about the new mobile app for Fleming County Schools, contact Denise Brown at [email protected]


Hanna Mills

[email protected]