Giovanni’s gives back to FCHS students

Hanna Mills - [email protected]
Pictured, from left, are Chris Davis, John Elliot, Will McWhorter, John McWhorter and Kris Gambill. -

FLEMINGSBURG – Giovanni’s is giving back to the community.

On May 21, Giovanni’s, a family-owned pizza business, opened the doors at its Flemingsburg location, and now it’s opening more doors for the community. The business will be sponsoring Fleming County High School sports, allowing students free admission for the school year.

“We are all about family and community. We were welcomed very well when we first opened up here in Flemingsburg and we wanted to give that support back. What better way of doing that than allowing the students to get into the schools’ games free of charge. We are a family-owned business so we try to treat everyone as family” said John McWhorter, co-owner.

John Elliot, athletic director at the school, gathered the students on Thursday afternoon. He asked the students to take out their phones and to “go live” to document the big announcement. He proceeded to hand the microphone to co-owner Will McWhorter who announced the great news.

“Giovanni’s is paying your (the students) way into any of the games, so you don’t have to.” The students cheered but then soon after, Will McWhorter announced that they will also be covering admission for the opposing teams’ students as well. The cheering suddenly turns to boos as the officials laughed and said that it was a chance for the students to show the opposing teams what school spirit is all about. The mic was then passed to the Senior Class President AnaLiese Mitchell.

“On behalf of the entire student body, I would like to thank our Giovanni’s representatives for being here with us today. I also very seriously thank you for your generous donation to our students. Now, every student can attend any and all sporting events free of charge. We are so excited to use this opportunity as a way to continue our growth and positive culture in our school. I encourage all of you to come to every game you can! We no long have to worry about the costs of cheering on our classmates to victory or sneaking into games and getting in trouble. It means so much to every athlete, when we look up to see the stands full and everyone on their feet excited to be there. Personally, as a volleyball player, I would love to see each and every one of you at our game next Tuesday when we take on Ashland here in the den. The support from our classmates is always appreciated and increases our school spirit. Student council will now announce each game over the intercom in the morning and afternoons so we can support our teams. At this time, can everyone please give Giovanni’s a warm round of applause and thank them again for this very generous donation”

The students thanked Giovanni’s with the FCHS fight song.

Giovanni’s will be paying for every high school students way into any home game for the 2018-2019 school year, including the opposing school’s students.

“We hope to bring relief to the parents who might not be able to afford to send their kid to a game. We want every student to be able to go to a game to support their classmates and to enjoy themselves. We have employees here who are involved in sports. Volleyball, soccer, softball, not only is this important to us but for them as well, if not more. Hopefully this will bring more opportunity and activity for the youth. We don’t want them to miss out.” explained Amie Stacy, who is the general manager at Giovanni’s.

“This is such a great opportunity for us, especially since we grow up in a rural community,” said Mitchell. “Some families aren’t as financially capable as others, so some students unfortunately have to miss out on games. Now with this donation, everyone gets the same opportunity. I also hope this means that the smaller sports will get more exposure and support. Year by year we strive for greatness and we now have even more support to be bigger and better.”

Pictured, from left, are Chris Davis, John Elliot, Will McWhorter, John McWhorter and Kris Gambill., from left, are Chris Davis, John Elliot, Will McWhorter, John McWhorter and Kris Gambill.

Hanna Mills

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