New high school cafeteria revealed

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]
Students and parents observe and converse at the FCHS cafeteria during the open house. -

FLEMINGSBURG — While students may prefer to hang on to summer for a bit longer, Fleming County High School has been updating some of its facilities, perhaps easing the pain for a little.

Fleming County High School held its open house Tuesday evening in anticipation of the start of the new school year. Parents and students poured into the school, gathering schedules and greeting teachers. Alongside the typical events of a school open house, FCHS used the evening to finally show off the nearly finished renovations of its facilities.

The most anticipated feature of the school’s renovations, at least to the Fleming County School Board, was the high school cafeteria. Superintendent Brian Creasman said there was plenty of shock and awe among students and parents, a reaction he and the rest of the board was expecting.

“Really, this design was by (Nutrition Director) Jan Anderson and (Principal Emmons),” Creasman said. “I think they really captured what we set out to do.”

Finally furnished, the FCHS cafeteria has plenty of seating for students, from booths to tables and what appears to be couch seating. Charging stations are available for students to power their electronic devices.

“It’s nice overall, and I think it’s going to be a great place for the students of Fleming County to be able to relax while they eat,” said Savannaha Caudill, sophomore at FCHS.

Caudill said she was surprised by the drastic change that the cafeteria had undergone, having seen what the original area looked like.

“Whenever you saw it last school year, you would never think this what was going to turn out,” Caudill said. “The fact that it’s so organized now, that really surprised me when I walked in.”

Andrew Pack, senior at FCHS, said he too was surprised in seeing all of the changes made to the cafeteria in addition to the outdoor eating area.

“Even though it looks like there’s a lot less room in this cafeteria, it does add on to the room with the outside area,” Pack said, “and I feel like it’s going to be more of a functioning cafeteria.”

Creasman said with the current cafeteria’s design, the intent is to encourage more collaboration among students. After seeing the large crowd during the open house, he’s confident that the cafeteria will do just that.

“I can’t wait for (opening day), when students come in here and start having meals,” Creasman said. “We’ve got 90 seats out on the patio out there and 250 in here. It feels like a college, and that’s what we really wanted. I would venture to say, with an almost money back guaranteed, that we’ve probably got the best high school cafeteria in the state right now.”

Students and parents observe and converse at the FCHS cafeteria during the open house. and parents observe and converse at the FCHS cafeteria during the open house.

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]