Birthday wish leads to helping animals

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

Most young boys want the typical toys and video games for their birthdays.

But not John David Craig. Instead the 10-year-old asked for dog food and other pet supplies as birthday gifts.

In an act of pure compassion for animals and to raise awareness for the Mason County Animal Shelter, John David asked for his friends and family to give supplies to be donated to the shelter.

According to John David’s mother, Amanda Craig, he’s always had a deep love for animals and pets.

“He’s just always had a passion and a love for anything with four legs,” she said. “He just wants to love and take them in and care of them.”

While a little too shy to want to make a comment, John David’s love for animals was clearly apparent Monday, from arriving at the animal shelter early in the morning during summer vacation to give the supplies, to the Pokemon shirt he was wearing.

The list of items donated included everything from cat and dog food to blankets, beds and toys generously given over to the shelter.

“Pretty much anything we could think of that they could use down here, which the big thing was the blankets because they need them for new puppies and smaller dogs,” Amanda Craig said.

The response from Ashley Smith, employee at the Mason County Animal Shelter, after hearing what the Craigs were planning, was that of gratitude.

“I called and I spoke with (Smith) on Friday, and I asked her what they would need. When I told her what we wanted do, she said ‘you made me want to cry, that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard of a kid doing’” Amanda Craig said.

Smith said the donation was a much-needed boost for the shelter with around 22 dogs and 13 cats which require constant care currently housed in the facility.

“We don’t get a whole lot of donations or anything like that,” Smith said. “Some people bring here and there, but other than that we have to come up with it or there are some people that will help. It’s very important.”

Amanda Craig said when John David grows up, he said he wants to start his own animal shelter.

The shelter will gladly accept donations which can be made to the Mason County Animal Shelter by calling 606-564-6067 for information.

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]