EarthJoy listed as best unique place to stay

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EarthJoy Treehouse Adventures was recently listed as one of the best, unique places to stay in Bracken Country. -

GERMANTOWN — A local hideaway in the woods of Germantown has been named one of the best unique places to stay in Bracken Country by

The EarthJoy Treehouse Adventures, owned and operated by Shelly and Bill Byrnes, offers guests a chance to stay in a semi-secluded treehouse and enjoy all nature has to offer, while still remaining close to town. Guests can book the treehouses on AirBnB year round.

According to the website, EarthJoy was chosen because of the unique experience it offers to guests and the closeness one of the future stops on the B-line trail.

“While this may not seem like the traditional place to find the Bourbon lifestyle, we loved the unique feel of these hand-built treehouses. Featured on Treehouse Masters, these Germantown properties offer you the opportunity to hang outdoors and earn your booze climbing their many routes. Bring your own Bourbon to share later in the day as you enjoy the sunset from the treetops,” the website said.

Shelly Byrnes said she was happy to find out about being named one of the best places to stay.

“We were ecstatic,” she said. “The woman in charge let us know (Thursday) and we felt honored and that all of our hard work was being recognized. We felt appreciated.”

According the Shelly Byrnes, there are two cabins on the property. One is the Pete Nelson cabin, constructed in 2015 as a part of the Treehouse Masters television show.

Inside the treehouse is a loft, a couch and a kitchen. There is a hammock beneath the treehouse. A compost bathroom is just outside, but bathhouses are also nearby.

The second treehouse, named Aliyah after the Byrnes’ 2-year-old daughter, features an even more unique experience. The treehouse has a loft on the inside of the main area, with a couch, a kitchen and a couch wrapped around the tree. There is a patio with a swinging bridge to the “snuggle cabin,” which features a set of bunk beds and a sliding glass door.

The property originally offered tree climbing adventures, but they later decided to build a place for guests to stay on site.

“The big break came when we decided to build a treehouse. It took off from there. People wanted to climb trees and come to the workshops. It’s a world of adventure in one place,” she said. “They can come fish, camp, walk the trails.”

According to Shelly Byrnes, each walking trail has a different theme. Guests can also complete different climbing activities and workshops, including a treehouse mini-retreat for women, rescue/facilitation certification, tree climbing certification, a primitive skills workshop, a couples workshop and a mother/daughter mini-retreat.

Couples can even get married on the property.

“I’ve conducted weddings right there on the patio of the Pete Nelson treehouse,” Shelly Byrnes said.

If it rains, guests are still encouraged to go out and explore the area.

“Go down to the creek or get out your umbrella and hike the trails, splash around in the mud,” she said. “Rain is a part of the nature.”

Even though bourbon is not available on the property, Shelly Byrnes said she looks forward to having guests visiting the B-Line trail.

“We have information in the treehouses for some of our guests favorite places to visit in the area,” she said. “There’s a lot to see. People can visit Maysville, go to the restaurants, the coffee shops or visit Augusta. There’s a lot to see and do. We want guests to have a fun and unique experience here.”

The treehouses are on private property and unavailable to visit without an appointment.

More information on the treehouses can be found at or

EarthJoy Treehouse Adventures was recently listed as one of the best, unique places to stay in Bracken Country. Treehouse Adventures was recently listed as one of the best, unique places to stay in Bracken Country.

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