Missing Aberdeen child found

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

ABERDEEN, Ohio — A search for a missing Brown County child has finally come to a close.

Aberdeen police located Gavin Worthington, 10, in Union Township in Clermont County Thursday morning.

According to initial reports from the police department, Gavin Worthington was with his father, James Worthington, who did not have custodial rights and was believed to be in the Paris, Ky., area.

Aberdeen Police Chief David Benjamin, however, said there was an apparent misunderstanding of the situation.

According to Benjamin, Gavin Worthington was given over to James Worthington by the child’s mother, Dottie Isaac. After staying together for 10 days, Benjamin said, no word was heard from James Worthington, so Isaac contacted Aberdeen police, who began the search.

For lack of an address or knowledge of James Worthington’s location, the police department invoked the assistance of the public for information, which Benjamin said naturally raised some concerns for people.

Benjamin said James Worthington, having seen media coverage over the alleged kidnapping, contacted police and returned Gavin Worthington. James Worthington also provided police with a written agreement between he and Isaac, saying he could keep Gavin Worthington for a while, though no date was written to determine when to return the child.

According to Benjamin, after talking with James Worthington, it was also discovered the father was experiencing a phone malfunction which impeded contact with Isaac.

After the prosecutor looked over the written agreement, Benjamin said, no criminal charge were lodged against James Worthington. Gavin Worthington has since been returned to his mother. Benjamin said the incident was mostly due to miscommunication.

“Both parents truly care for the child,” Benjamin said, “and want to spend more time with the child.”


Jonathan Wright

[email protected]