Robertson superintendent nets high marks

Staff Report

The Robertson County Board of Education recently completed an evaluation of the district`s superintendent in annual review of the progress of the district leadership and vision.

Superintendent Sanford Holbrook received high marks, according to the evaluation which was submitted and approved on June 6.

The Kentucky Department of Education asked school board members to evaluate Holbrook in seven areas of leadership: strategic, instructional, cultural, human resources, managerial, collaborative, and influential. In these areas, Holbrook could have received scores of exemplary, accomplished, developing or growth required.

Of the seven standards school board members were asked to consider, Holbrook received five exemplary and two accomplished ratings with exemplary meaning “exceeding the standard”, accomplished meaning “meets the standard”.

Holbrook`s exemplary evaluation came in areas of creating a unified school system in which the board said he shared visions, equitable practices, professional expectations, and accountability throughout the district.

Holbrook has completed the third year of his four-year contract with the district and has received overall exemplary rating in all three annual evaluation as the district school superintendent.

“It was a fair evaluation, I appreciate that the board saw our growth as a district these past three year and I`m ready to meet the standard of high expectations for next year,” Holbrook said. “I have a wonderful students, great staff, supportive community, and dedicated board of education. I know that my job is to make sure they have leadership to support and provide the resources for every RCS student to be successful.”

Staff Report