Street sweeper free period end

Mary Ann Kearns - [email protected]

Now that the city has several weeks of operating its new-to-us street sweeper, officials are encouraging resident to observe rules associated with its operation.

That primarily means moving vehicles at designated times when the machine is scheduled to operate.

The Maysville Police Department will begin issuing street sweeper violation tickets the week of June 4, officials said Wednesday.

“Please check the signs on your street, and move your vehicle(s) accordingly,” a Facebook post to the city’s page indicates.

The ordinance dealing with the issue calls for a fine of $25 for the first violation, $50 for the second, and the third violation is a fine of $50 plus a boot placed on the vehicle. If the fine is not paid within 24 hours for the third violation, the vehicle will be towed, officials said.

The machine, which is a sweeper and not a vacuum, will have one primary operator.

A few years ago the city began contracting out street-sweeping after its machinery became inoperable and the price of a new sweeper was outside the city’s budget. But after commissioners said a street sweeper was among the most requested items they heard from residents, the city managed to work the cost of a used sweeper into its budget.

Operating hours for the sweep are 10 a.m.-1 p.m., with the exception of the central business district where the street sweeper will operate 4-6 a.m. The central business district is described as an area from Bridge Street to Wall Street and from Third Street to McDonald Parkway.

“The vast majority of citizens have complied with the warning sheets that Maysville Police Department has been placing on vehicles for the past six weeks,” Maysville City Manager Matt Wallingford said. “In order to effectively clean the streets, vehicles must be moved on the day the sweeper will be operating.”

A schedule will be available online at and is posted on the city’s Facebook page. Anyone with questions can contact Public Works at 759-0419 or City Hall at 564-9419.

Mary Ann Kearns

[email protected]