Ohio primary election is May 8

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On Tuesday, May 8 Ohioans will go to the polls to vote in their party’s respective primaries. Below is a list of candidates up for election in Adams and Brown Counties.

Brown, Democrat:

For State Representative of the District 66, Brown County Democrats will have the options of going with Jeff Richards or Brian Flick.

Jeff Richards is from Moscow, Ohio and, according to his website, believes every worker should be paid a living wage, drug addicts should be treated as patients not prisoners, and that the state needs to invest in quality education for everyone regardless of zip code or income.

Brian Flick is a consumer protection attorney from Amelia, Ohio. According to his Facebook page, among other things, Flick is against right to work laws, is a proponent of women’s, civil and human rights and wants to clamp down on payday lenders.

Brown, Republican:

Republicans will be nominating a county commissioner. They will be choosing between David Daniel and incumbent Tony Applegate.

Brown, Non-partisan issues:

Brown County voters will be voting on a proposed continuation of a one-fourth percent sales and use tax for the implementation and operation of the county’s 9-1-1 system. The tax would last for five years beginning in 2019.

The Village of Aberdeen will be voting on a proposed police levy for the amount of $0.50 per $100 of evaluation for the purpose of providing police protection to the village. The levy would be for a continuing amount of time beginning in 2018.

The Eastern Joint Fire and EMS District (Sardinia, Clay Township, Eagle, Franklin and Washington), will be voting on a proposed tax levy of $0.30 for every $100 for the purpose of fire protection and emergency medical services for the district. The tax would take effect in 2018.

Adams, Democrat:

Adams County Democrats will be voting for state representative for District 14 between Adrienne D. Buckler and Joni L. Fearing.

Adams, Republicans:

Republicans will also be choosing a candidate for state representative of District 14. Scottie Paul Powell, Brian Baldridge, Gina Collinsworth and Justin David Pizzulli are running.

Powell is a businessman from Scioto County who sees himself as a faith based leader, according to his website.

Baldridge is an Adams County Commissioner currently serving his fourth term. Baldridge, who lives in Cherry Fork, wants to focus on cutting government regulation, is against tax-funded abortions and is against common core.

Collinsworth is a musician and businesswoman from Portsmouth who, according to her website, is pro-life, wants to protect the constitution and help create jobs in the area.

Pizzulli is a realtor from Portsmouth who has experience working for the National Republican Congressional Committee, College Republican National Committee and the Freedom partners political nonprofit.

Adams, nonpartisan issues:

A proposed tax levy of $0.85 per $100 will be voted on in West Union. The purpose of the levy is for maintaining operations and equipment for the village fire department. It would take effect in 2018.

Scott Township has a proposed tax levy renewal in the sum of $0.07 per $100 for the purpose of maintaining cemeteries.

Both, Democrat:

Democratic hopefuls for Governor are Joe Schiavoni, Richard Cordray, Larry E. Ealy, Dennis John Kucinich, Bill O’Neill and Paul E. Ray.

Schiavoni is a former state senator, former boxer and a lawyer who is an advocate for job creation and public education, according to his website.

Cordray is the former director of the Consumer Financial protection Bureau, a former Attorney General of Ohio and former Ohio Treasurer.

Ealy is a former weight trainer, bodybuilder and exotic dancer who, according to his website, is a big proponent of police reform and wants to help end racial discrimination.

Lucinich is a former U.S. Representative and former candidate for President of the United States. According to his website, he supports legalizing recreational marijuana and single-payer healthcare.

O’Neill is a an Associate Justice on Ohio’s Supreme Court, a registered nurse, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, television reporter and small business owner. He supports legalizing marijuana and closing private prisons.

Ray is an unknown, with no digital footprint outside of a single TouTube video with fewer than 100 views.

In the running for Representative to Congress for Ohio’s Second District are Janet Everhard, Jill Schiller and William R. Smith.

Everhard is a gynecologic physician, volunteer veteran outreach coordinator, founder of USA Works Community, founder of Tri-State Kayakers and a team member of New Richmond Economic Development, according to her website.

Schiller grew up in Philadelphia and moved to Cincinnati in 2011. She is an attorney, founder of a non-profit promoting children’s literacy and a former Obama administration staffer.

William R. Smith is a nearly retires truck driver from Pike County who rarely, if ever, campaigns.

The winner of the Democratic nomination will face Brad Wenstrup for the seat in the general election in November.

Democrats will also vote for a representative to the Central Committee between Timothy S. Hogan Jr., William K. Ogg and Zachary Triplett.

Both, Republican:

Republican candidates for Governor are Mary Taylor and Mike DeWine.

Taylor is the current Lieutenant Governor under John Kasich who is pro-life and and strong supporter of the second amendment, according to her website.

DeWine is the current Attorney General for Ohio. According to his website, he wants to focus on fighting the opioid epidemic if he becomes governor.

Running for U.S. Senator are Don Elijah Exkhart, Mike Gibbons, Dan Kiley, Jim Renacci and Melissa Ackison. The winning candidate will face incumbent Sherrod Brown in November.

Both, nonpartisan issues:

Voters will either vote yes or no on Issue One, which is a proposed amendment that would create a bipartisan public process for drawing up congressional districts in the state.

Polls will open at 6:30 a.m. on May 8 and stay open until 7:30 p.m. Check with your county election board for more voting options if unable to vote in person.


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