Kenton Station Road slated to close for repairs

Mary Ann Kearns - [email protected]
Kenton Station Road will be clsoed next week for repairs. -

Motorists in Maysville may want to avoid Kenton Station Road next week as the city makes repairs to the roadway,

According to David Hord, projects manager for the city, repair work on the road connecting U.S. 62 and Kentucky 9 AA Highway is slated to begin on Monday at 7:30 a.m., when the road will be closed on the U.S. 62 end.

The edge of the road has deteriorated, Hord said, because of rain and flooding.

Repairs to the shoulder on the north side of the road will be made on a 200-yard stretch between the entrance and the nursing home, Hord said. Plans are to drive 25-foot long rail streel along the edge, a process called cribbing, and then backfill with rocks.

“That holds the road from slipping,” he said.

Hord said he also hopes to widen the road during construction to eliminate a bottleneck on the highly traveled route.

Once that process is complete, there will be some paving work, Hord said.

The process is expected to last through the week, he said. The south side of the road will also receive the same treatment this summer, he said.

While motorists may be inconvenienced during the construction, Hord said access will be available to all businesses and facilities along the road. Entry to Kenton Station Road will be from the AA Highway and through traffic can travel Parker Road back to the AA Highway, he said. Signage marking the road as closed and directing motorists to detours will be in place, Hord said.

Kenton Station Road will be clsoed next week for repairs. Station Road will be clsoed next week for repairs.

Mary Ann Kearns

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