County approvals budget reading

By Mary Ann Kearns - [email protected]

With the new fiscal year approaching, Mason County Commissioners met in special session Wednesday to consider the first reading of the 2018-2019 budget.

The proposed budget totals $22.3 million, according to Mason County Clerk Kim Muse, with the General Fund, Landfill Fund and Jail Fund taking the biggest bites.

The General Fund totals $6.6 million, Landfill Fund $8.3 million and the Jail Fund $3.1 million. Other fund totals include $2.3 million in the Road Fund, $600,000 in the Local Government Economic Assistance Fund, $32,000 in State Grant, $155,000 in Federal Grants, $389,000 in the Solid Waste Fune, and $648,000 in the Garbage Collection Fund.

Muse said the budget does reflect an increase over last year, primarily due to retirement contributions. Beyond that, she said the budget is fairly standard.

“There is nothing major that stands out,” Muse said.

The second reading of the budget is set for June 12 at the court’s regular monthly meeting, provided it meets approval after review by the state.

Also Wednesday, the court approved the 2017 tax settlement from Sheriff Patrick Boggs. With more than $12 million in taxes collected and disbursed to taxing district the final settlement included 97 percent to the taxing districts with 3 percent to the county, Boggs said. Those disbursements included $2.8 million to the county’s Generals Fund, $6.2 million to the school district and $816,000 to the city of Maysville.

By Mary Ann Kearns

[email protected]