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GEORGETOWN, Ohio – A man accused of murder was found incompetent to stand trial during court proceedings this week.

John R. Crum was indicted on Sept. 21, 2017, and charged with the murder of 62-year-old Marsha Thigpen of Ripley, Ohio. Thigpen’s body was found on Aug. 9 at 5969 Ripley Day Hill Road in Ripley, after authorities received a report of an unresponsive woman.

Forensic information later revealed the cause of Thigpen’s death was a gunshot wound to the head. The wound was consistent with the type of wound caused by a small caliber firearm, according to Brown County Sheriff Gordon Ellis.

In March, Crum’s counsel filed a Suggestion of Incompetency to stand trial. Judge Scott T. Gusweiler ordered a competency evaluation to be conducted on Crum, which included the opinion of the examiner as to whether Crum is capable of understanding the nature and objective of court proceedings against him.

The examiner, Dr. Nicole O. Snowden of the Court Clinic, found Crum incompetent to stand trial. Furthermore, she found that he is not capable of being restored to competency in the time allowed by law.

The State of Ohio requested a second opinion on Crum’s competency, which was granted by the court.

Gusweiler appointed Dr. Karla Delcour to conduct a second evaluation of Crum to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. According to court records, the examination will take place at the Brown County Adult Detention Center where Crum is currently being housed. Furthermore, Delcour will have full access to Crum at the Detention Center.

The same rules apply for this evaluation as the last one – the report will include the opinion of the examiner and the facts that led them to the conclusion.

According to Gusweiler, the report is to be submitted by the next hearing scheduled for May 7.


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