Girls win Demolition Derby at Tollesboro Lions Club Fair


On Monday at the 61st Annual Tollesboro Lions Club Fair in the Demolition Derby Event, girls took first and second place in the feature of the compact car class of the Demolition Derby.

Despite overcast skies, drizzle, and a short period of rain, the event was heavily attended to watch the Power Wheels Event, the Compact Car Class Event, and an added Full Size Car Event.

The first class was the Power Wheels Demolition Derby, where boys and girls operating their battery powered vehicles put on a show for the crowd prior to the gas powered main events. All participants in the Power Wheels Demolition Derby Class received a trophy.

Although not originally scheduled as a class, five full-size cars showed up, so a class was created and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed watching them speed through the ring, blowing radiators, crashing hot steaming cars into each other, losing tires, breaking axles and putting on a great show. In the end, first place went to Josh Journey, second place to Cameron Howe, and third place to Payton Stephenson. The “Mad Dog” winner was split between Jody Cross and Craig Smith who split a $100 added purse.

Prior to the Compact Car Demolition Derby Event, during both the Power Wheels Class and the Full-Size Car Class, tickets were sold for the opportunity to drive the “Raffle Car” in the event. Dustin Keaton’s ticket was drawn and he entered in a Ford Taurus prepared for the event. Dustin drove the car and put a hurt on the competition, losing a tire in the first heat, but able to get the car back in running condition so as to compete in the Feature Event where he was even considered as a potential Mad Dog finalist by some of the judges.

In the compact class, 22 participants beat up on each other, again spinning around and through the ring, putting on a great show for two heats with 10 and 12 cars respectively, with 10 cars and drivers meeting in the feature race.

At the end of the feature, two girls outlasted the guys to take first and second place, with first place going to Amanda Smith, second place going to Natasha Burgemier, third place to Woodie Mullins and fourth place to Eric Taylor.

The custom-made one-of-a-kind Mad Dog Trophy goes to the driver who did some of the wildest moves and made some of the biggest hits. While many of the drivers put on an exceptional show and several drivers were at least considered by the judges as potential finalists for this award, the trophy went to Jeff Hunt who competed in the Feature without a radiator, going full speed as long as he could, and putting some tremendous hits on the competition until his car just gave out and would go no longer.

Jeremy Tully and crew did a great job putting together the event, with event sponsors including Maysville Premier Auto Sales, HAWK Predator & Wildlife Control, Maysville Auto Parts, Calvert Racing Engines, Big Blue Outdoor, Darrell Fannin Trucking, Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Maysville, and Craig A. Stanfield Real Estate & Auction Services. The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to thank Jeremy for all his hard work to make this event a resounding success and thank all of the sponsors of this event for their continued support.