KHSAA Dead Period finished


Kentucky high school sports are coming back.

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association Dead Period wrapped up at the start of Tuesday, meaning the fall sports seasons are about to get underway.

During the Dead Period, basically anything to do with school sports is prohibited, including the use of school facilities, team uniforms, team equipment or team transportation. School funds may not be expended in support of athletic teams in any KHSAA sanctioned sport during the period and coaches must refrain from communicating with players.

The purpose of the Dead period is to recharge batteries, meaning athletes and coaches should be fresh when practices begin.

Football practices were able to start on Tuesday with helmets only. Teams around the state can use full pads on Aug. 1, according to the 2018-19 KHSAA sports season reference calendar. The first regular season games will take place Aug. 17.

For golf, field hockey, volleyball, soccer, cross country, competitive cheer and dance, the first practices can’t be held until July 15.

The first contest date allowed for each sport varies. The first contest in golf can take place July 27, while volleyball can start regular season games Aug. 6, soccer can start regular season games Aug. 13 and cross country can start regular season meets on Aug. 20. Field hockey can begin regular season games on Aug. 13.

Going beyond the fall sports seasons, the first practices in bowling, swimming, archery and bass fishing can take place at the start of October. Basketball and wrestling practices are allowed to begin Oct. 15. The first contest date in basketball is Nov. 28.

Track and field practices may begin the first day of December, while baseball, softball and tennis may begin practicing on Feb. 15.
Fall sports coming back in Kentucky