RCS breaks ground on baseball, softball fields

Completion expected April 2019

The vision for Robertson County Schools Superintendent Sanford Holbrook when he got there in 2015 was to get everything on campus.

That is one step closer as they began construction for the baseball and softball fields along with a bus garage on Monday. The plan is for the fields to be ready by the second week of April 2019, so the Black Devils and Lady Devils will have a home site for their games on campus instead of an off-campus site.

Robertson County Schools began construction on their baseball and softball fields on Monday. The design will be handled by Alt 32 Architecture and has a target date set for the second week of April 2019 for completion. (Submitted Photo)

“One of my goals when I first got here was to get everything on campus and we’re definitely getting there,” Holbrook said.

Holbrook, who has a bit of a background with this process while fields were being constructed at Magoffin County, said they hired Alt 32 Architecture to design the baseball and softball fields, the same company to do so at Magoffin. The baseball field will be in front of the school while the softball field was bought property right by the campus.

The first phase of the process started on Monday with laying out the softball field and cleaning the perimeter. A GPS system will be used to grade the softball field and bus garage and once that’s completed construction to the baseball field will begin.

Layout of the softball field included markers for each base on the field. Clearing of the perimeters and laying out of the field began on Monday. (Submitted Photo)

“The baseball field will take the least amount of work so that’s why it’s taking place last,” Holbrook said.

The rough estimate was originally $1.5 million to complete, which is now estimated at $2.2 million for completion. Funds have been secured for that amount by school bonding and start-up funds with a hefty donation by Nelson Hester, a Deming alumni. The Fields will be called the Hester Athletic Complex for his gesture.

“We’re still working on price and contingencies and looking to add as we go,” Holbrook said, with original plans on having the home dugout being below ground. “We’ve got about an extra $100,000 to add as we go as long as there’s no hiccups. We’ve got some of the best technology for this process and we want as nice of a facility as any in the region.”

The completion of sod for the outfields has a target date of mid-September with an irrigation system included. Holbrook is hoping everything will be checked off and ready to go by the second week of April, meaning the baseball and softball teams will have to play their first few games on the road, or still use the off-campus site for home games.

With a fairly new basketball gym that opened in 2013, now comes brand new baseball and softball fields, raising excitement for the youth and community in Mount Olivet, fresh off the school’s first-ever boys’ basketball 10th Region All “A” title this past season.

“This will be a great shot in the arm. Coach (Tony) Green and Coach (Darrin) Sutton did a great job last year. Both teams were young and able to get a lot of experience. We’re hoping they can step up like the boys’ basketball team did last year. Everybody around here supports these kids and we’re hoping to provide them a really nice facility,” Holbrook said.


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