FIRECRACKER FOUR-PEAT: Deron Feldhaus claims his fourth straight Firecracker title

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It’s a Firecracker four-peat.

Deron Feldhaus fired an 8-under 62 on Sunday and finished with a 15-under 125 in the two-day Firecracker Golf Tournament at Kenton Station Golf Course to claim his fourth straight title and seventh overall.

Feldhaus was tied for third after Saturday’s round, when he shot a 7-under 63. He was 3-under for the round through nine holes on Sunday, with birdies on the first four holes and a bogey on the fifth, but his turning point came on No. 11.

Deron Feldhaus chips onto the green during the Firecracker Golf Tournament, Sunday, at Kenton Station Golf Course. (Jared MacDonald, The Ledger Independent)

“I kind of surprised myself. I hadn’t really been playing that well, but I made some putts the two days and it’s amazing how much that carries over to the rest of the part of your game. I made a lot of mistakes. The turnaround was on No. 11. I hit one out of bounds and ended up making par. I told myself, ‘You can make par,’” said Feldhaus. “A switch went off and turned it around.”

He finished the round 5-under over the last five holes, including an eagle on No. 15, with the help of several long putts.

“I finished strong. I eagled – I made about a 25 or 30-footer on 15, knocked it close on 14, probably about three or four feet, then made about a 15-footer or 18-footer on 18. The name of the game is putting and I made a lot of putts in two days,” said Feldhaus.

“My game – you watch me play and people will say, ‘Golly, no way.’ I can make some good holes and I hit some bad shots, but the short game is the key,” added Feldhaus. “I can get around the greens and I feel pretty comfortable.”

Feldhaus – a part-owner of Kenton Station with his stepmother, Lee Anne – said before the tournament that he hadn’t been able to practice much leading into Saturday’s opening round since his father, Allen Feldhaus, passed away last fall and he’s taken on more responsibility around the course.

He didn’t know exactly where he stood entering the final hole, but knew what the four – Jordan Gilbert, Jackson Frame, B.J. Knox and Brett Metzger – shot the day before and knew he wanted to make every shot he could.

“Dad would be proud. He would never go out there. He watched me play basketball or whatever. He never really got nervous when I was playing basketball at UK or whatever, but when I was playing golf – I feel the same way with my son when I go watch him play – he never wanted to go out there and watch me play, but he knew how I stood,” said Feldhaus. “He knew how I stood coming into 18.”

A fist pump came before his birdie putt fell into the hole on the final hole as he closed out his round at 8-under and his tournament at 15-under, good enough to edge out the young golfers gunning for him.

Metzger and Knox were tied for the lead at 9-under after the first round, while Feldhaus was tied for third with Frame, Gilbert and Logan McIntosh.

McIntosh finished second at 12-under. He shot a 2-under 33 on the front nine Sunday, despite putting up an 8 on No. 7.

Frame, coming off his second straight Chippeways title at Maysville County Club a couple of weeks before, finished third at 11-under. Metzger was fourth at 10-under in the two-day tournament, while Tyler Lippert, Brad Carper, Gilbert and Knox all finished at 9-under.

Jackson Frame chips onto the green during the 51st Firecracker Golf Tournament, Sunday, at Kenton Station Golf Course. Frame finished third in the tournament. (Jared MacDonald, The Ledger Independent)

“I keep on trying, man. I play with these guys and how far they hit it or whatever. I know my time – it’s about ready to come to an end. I’m enjoying this moment, to be able to compete with them,” said Feldhaus. “The game of golf is a lot mental and I think that what I’ve been through in my life mentally, playing all the sports and whatever, I think believing is a big part in the game of golf and as long as I’ve got that, I hope I can be able to compete for a few more years.”

Bobby Kearney moved up to the championship flight following a 2-over 72 on Saturday and came back to fire an 8-under 62 on Sunday. Kearney’s round was highlighted by a hole-in-one on No. 17.

The field was broken into flights following Saturday’s round. Chandler Morgan and Matt Malott claimed the first flight, Rick Harmon and Nick Boggess both had the best scores in the second flight, Jesse McHugh won the third flight, Hal Holleran won the fourth flight and Tony Ring won the fifth flight.


At Kenton Station Golf Course

Par 70



Deron Feldhaus; 63-62-125 (-15)

Logan McIntosh; 63-65-128 (-12)

Jackson Frame; 63-66-129 (-11)

Brett Metzger; 61-69-130 (-10)

B.J. Knox; 61-70-131 (-9)

Jordan Gilbert; 63-68-131 (-9)

Brad Carper; 65-66-131 (-9)

Tyler Lippert; 65-66-131 (-9)

Corey Richmond; 67-66-133 (-7)

Jake O’Mara; 64-69-133 (-7)

Bobby Kearney; 72-62-134 (-6)

Mark Moore; 66-68-134 (-6)

Izzy Grayson; 65-69-134 (-6)

Shawn Armstrong; 66-72-138 (-2)

Josh Goddard; 66-74-140 (E)


Chandler Morgan; 68-66-134 (-6)

Matt Malott; 69-65-134 (-6)

Darrell Weaver; 68-67-135 (-5)

Troy Grooms; 70-66-136 (-4)

Lane Weaver; 70-67-137 (-3)

Randy Ross; 69-69-138 (-2)

Josh Zornes; 68-70-138 (-2)

Dagon Abdon; 69-71-140 (E)

Joe Forman; 70-71-141 (+1)

Tom Boden; 70-72-142 (+2)

Nicholas Chabot; 69-74-143 (+3)

Michael Crabtree; 69-75-144 (+4)

A.J. Hamilton; 68-78-146 (+6)

Brady South; 71-84-155 (+15)


Rick Harmon; 73-63-140 (E)

Nick Boggess; 73-73-140 (E)

Bill O’Mara; 72-69-141 (+1)

Matthew Grayson; 73-68-141 (+1)

Cody White; 72-74-146 (+6)

Mike Kennedy; 72-74-146 (+6)

Jordan McCann; 74-74-148 (+8)

Phil Grayson; 74-74-148 (+8)

Bryan Walton; 73-77-150 (+10)

David Cooney; 74-88-162 (+12)

Blake Shepherd; 73-81-154 (+14)

Steve Gabb; 73-82-155 (+15)

David Mitchell; 73-87-160 (+20)

Daren Wood; 74-88-162 (+22)

Justin Boyd; 73-DNS


Jesse McHugh; 75-72-147 (+7)

Bo McVey; 75-74-149 (+9)

Tanner Carroll; 78-71-149 (+9)

Lee Amiott; 78-71-149 (+9)

Tim South; 77-73-150 (+10)

Mike Price; 76-74-150 (+10)

Chris Ginter; 75-75-150 (+10)

Wally Miller; 77-74-151 (+11)

Denver Shoemaker; 78-73-151 (+11)

Scott Schroer; 76-79-155 (+15)

Doug Bellamy; 76-79-155 (+15)

Greg Harmon; 77-79-156 (+16)

Jordan Mitchell; 78-78-156 (+16)

Willie Teegarden; 79-77-156 (+16)

Fred Edwards; 76-81-157 (+17)

Todd Johnson; 76-84-160 (+20)

Adam Sapp; 77-83-160 (+20)

Mark Kiskaden; 77-83-160 (+20)

David Francis; 79-83-162 (+22)


Hal Holleran; 80-77-157 (+17)

James Carper; 82-76-158 (+18)

Howard Neimeier; 82-79-161 (+21)

Jerry Butler; 83-78-161 (+21)

Gary McHugh; 84-79-163 (+23)

Tom McHugh; 80-85-165 (+25)

Jason Butler; 81-86-167 (+27)

Chad Ishmael; 83-84-167 (+27)

Danny Holleran; 84-83-167 (+27)

Jeff Shepherd; 84-84-168 (+28)

Rob Allison; 82-86-168 (+28)

Jon Blackstock; 84-85-169 (+29)

Joey Shepherd; 85-84-169 (+29)

Dennie Mers; 86-86-172 (+32)

Tim McFarland; 86-88-174 (+34)

Eddy Meek; 85-91-176 (+36)


Tony Ring; 88-77-165 (+25)

Danny Appelman; 89-77-166 (+26)

Jeff Wilson; 87-80-167 (+27)

Bubby Mitchell; 87-80-167 (+27)

Gary McKinney; 87-81-168 (+28)

Ted Appelman; 87-83-170 (+30)

Paul Holleran; 88-83-171 (+31)

Ryan Meek; 88-85-173 (+33)

Mike Arthur; 93-82-175 (+35)

Brad Hay; 87-88-175 (+35)

Donnie Appelman; 90-89-179 (+39)

Kyle Shadoan; 87-93-180 (+40)

Danny Chouinard; 89-92-181 (+41)

Ron Eden; 94-90-184 (+44)

Tommy Conway; 91-100-191 (+51)