Weather putting playoffs in jeopardy for some

EVAN DENNISON - [email protected]

WKYT chief meteorologist Chris Bailey out of Lexington on Tuesday reported 76 of the 114 days so far in 2018 have had rain or snow falling, good for 66.7 percent of the days.

Since February 1, it’s rained or snowed on 57 of the 83 days.

Spring sports season for baseball and softball started on March 19. We’re now at April 25 and plenty of teams around the area have only been able to hit the field a handful or so of times.

Not only does that cause frustration lacking the ability to find consistency or a daily routine, but it’s wiping out games left and right. Causing even greater concern is a bylaw in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association rulebook:

Only schools which are members of the Association prior to January 1 of the year in which the tournament is held, and having a schedule of ten (10) or more baseball games shall be allowed to vote for the district tournament location or participate in the tournament.

Teams must have played in 10 games to be eligible for postseason play. For the seven Kentucky schools in the coverage area, some are in danger of not meeting this threshold. Augusta baseball has played two games, St. Patrick baseball five, those are the two in most danger come May 21 when district tournaments start. That gives them 21 days (not counting Sundays) starting on April 26 to crunch those contests in. Another week like the one we’re experiencing now with postponements and cancellations due to the wet weather puts things in further jeopardy.

Lewis County (11), Fleming County (10), Mason County (9), Robertson County (9) and Bracken County (8) look to be safe on the baseball side.

For softball, Augusta, having played two games so far, looks to be the only team in danger of the bylaw. Every other team in the coverage area has played at least eight games.

Understandably certain facilities aren’t the easiest to get ready for after days of torrential downpour compared to others, that’s evident with some teams across the state already playing 20-plus games. Also factor in some of the student athletes are involved in other spring sports such as track and field and tennis or other prior commitments, but some may need to start thinking outside the box in order to squeeze some final contests in.

Rain rain go away…
Teams must reach a minimum of 10 games to qualify for postseason play


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