Think about this

I been watching the news on CNN and FOX. They’re talking about — the Democrats — are talking about how Obama wouldn’t have done what Trump done, killing that terrorist leader over there in Iran. He wouldn’t have done that. Of course he wouldn’t have, how many billions of dollars did he give them over there to build up their military and everything, and support their terrorists with that money is what they done. We finally got a president that has the guts, that’ll stand up for America. The American people need to realize this. I hate to say it, but what President Obama done, his intentions toward those people over there, it wasn’t for the American people I don’t think. He was pacifying them more than his own people and his own country. Think about this, especially when election time comes up.

Get your act together

I think you made a mistake in Thursday, Jan. 2 paper. U.S. Mass Killings Hit New High was on page 4, that should have been the front page story. Instead, you put a story about Lewis County meeting to have guns, that’s an everyday occurrence. That’s not a front page story. You need to get your act together at this place.

Thank you

This message is to thank The Ledger Independent and its publisher and editor for publishing Howard Wilkinson’s articles, and also to thank Mr. Wilkinson for writing them. I have just finished reading on Monday, Jan. 6, his long-awaited love story article. It’s well written, of course, and it’s also very touching and very appropriate. So thanks to the paper and thanks to Mr. Wilkinson.

Trump needs to be quiet

President Trump needs to be quiet and not tell so much on TV. Don’t send those messages back and forth, it gives away too much information, and we need to get rid of a lot of the news people over in Iran and Iraq. They tell too much also. They tell where the missiles are landing, Iran throws four missiles a day in there trying to judge where the troops are so they can kill a bunch of them, and they send those missiles in there and the news reports are telling where they’re landing. It needs to be stopped.