Estill best, most qualified candidate

To the editor,

The Brent Howell Recovery Foundation, Inc. has been assisting those in need of sober living housing since 2014. The Foundation began out of the passion of Trisha Kirkland, Brent’s mother. After Brent’s passing on Nov. 14, 2013, from a car accident, Trisha along with founding board members and with the assistance of John Estill established this corporation for the sole purpose of raising funds to assist recovering addicts to pay for sober living housing.

Individuals who are released from recovery or jail need a safe place to remain sober and many cannot afford the costs. John understood Trisha’s goal and offered his services to form the Foundation which is now a 501(c)(3) corporation. He knows that without treatment and options for sober living, jailed offenders will re-offend or die, and for many, treatment programs truly are more successful than incarceration.

It is for these reasons that the Brent Howell Recovery Foundation, Inc., endorses John F. Estill for re-election as Mason County Attorney. He has been fighting the battle of drug addiction and treatment for a long time, and continues to seek new tactics and new tools to employ. He does not just prosecute, but also advocates for the assessment of addicts and treatment for recovering addicts. We urge you to re-elect John Estill as the best and most qualified candidate for Mason County Attorney.

Brent Howell Recovery Foundation Inc.

Trisha H. Kirkland

Margaret “Peggy” Heflin

Justin H. Saunders

Raylee J. Kirkland