Estill is the right choice

Dear editor,

I have practiced law in Mason County since 1952. In those 66 years, I have seen all kinds of lawyers come and go from this community. John is a rare type of lawyer in many ways. For example, it is difficult to find a lawyer who cares more about other people’s interests than those of his own. John is that attorney.

It is obvious his professionalism has had a big impact on his children, as two of the three are now practicing attorneys. John sticks very strongly to the rules of ethics that are set out for our profession. He has a level of energy that is unmatched.

In addition to his demanding job as Mason County Attorney, he raises a large garden at his home in May’s Lick and farms. John Estill also takes a strong interest in the development of young lawyers. Just in the last decade or so, John has trained a number of young lawyers who have since moved onto other great opportunities. He is a role model for many and I proudly endorse him in the upcoming election for Mason County Attorney.

Yours truly,

Donald L. Wood