Stober listed as one of Kentucky’s Best Places to Work

A Maysville business has been named one of the best places to work in Kentucky.

Stober Drives, Inc. was listed as one of about 35 small business that were the best places to work in the company, according to Stober Drives, Inc. Marketing Coordinator Amy Appelman.

Each year, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce allows companies to send in employee and human resource surveys to help decide the best companies to work for in the state.

Stober Drives Inc., located on Downing Drive, was one of those companies which participated in the survey in 2015, according to  Appelman.

“We began the process around November,” she said. “Human Resources had to answer a survey about the number of employees — how many male and how many female employees, types of benefits. Kay Moss did a lot of the work on it. There was a decent amount of research that had to be done. After the HR survey, the employees took surveys about their job positions, benefits, etc. Everything was due by December.”¬†

Appelman said in January, Stober Drives was notified that the company was listed as one of about 35 small business that were the best places to work in Kentucky.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “We’re really excited that our employees feel valued and want to continue to be a part of our company. We want this to continue to be a good company.”

One of those employees is Tommy Cooper.

Cooper has worked for Stober for about seven months and considers his job one of the best.

“I’ve been here seven months and I absolutely love my job,” Cooper said. “It’s definitely the best place to work.”

Appelman said she is unsure about Stober’s rank on the list, as that will not be announced until April.

“I’m hoping we’re number one,” she said.

The Maysville location is the only North America based location and services the United States, Canada and Mexico, according to Appelman.

The company was founded in the 1930s in Germany. In 1991, the Maysville location was established.

Employees at Stober assemble motion control gears for Big Ass Fans, a business operated out of Lexington.

There are 123 full-time employees with a few temporary employees. They work Monday-Friday. The assembly building works first and second shift, while manufacturing, which only makes up a small portion of work at Stober, works three shifts.

“We’ve just started the manufacturing,” Appelman said. “It makes up a very small portion of our work. I’d say we have maybe 10 employees on first shift and about six on third shift.”

Tommy Cooper uses an arbor press to assemble parts that will be used in reduction gearing for fans.

Amy Appelman