Fernleaf Homemakers hold February meeting

Fernleaf Homemakers held their February meeting on Valentine’s Day at Tumbleweed restaurant.

Ann Porter called the meeting to order and stated our thought for the month is “You do not need an invitation to help others.”

The Pledge to the Flag was given followed by a prayer given by Elizabeth Pendleton. The minutes of the January meeting were read and approved. The Marilyn DeAtley gave the treasury report.

Committee reports were given by Heather Blevins, environmental chairman, on landscaping and stating that soon it will be time to divide perennials and also plan what new plantings to purchase. Jeanette Tolle presented the 4-H update stating that dates have been set for assisting students with sewing as an after school project. It was also stated that the by-Laws are being reviewed and necessary changes are being considered.

Janice Barnett-Gifford reported on clean water projects throughout the world with Ann Porter adding that in many areas people are using bamboo as piping to deliver fresh water from mountain streams to villages below that desperately need a fresh water source. The active shooter training held at the extension office was discussed by various club members. Club chairmen were reminded of the need to begin working on their annual report as it will need to be completed by the May meeting.

Members were reminded to watch for a state mailing concerning the state convention to be held May 7-9, 2018 in Louisville.

Members planning to attend much register.

Information for registration will be included in the state mailing. Our Cultural Art winners were reminded to get their entries ready and Heather Cheek, Mason FSC Agent, will be taking them to Louisville.

The Club voted to make a monetary donation to a specified fund in memory of the death of an immediate family member. Family members can choose from the Homemakers Scholarship Fund, Ovarian Cancer Fund or the 4-H Scholarship Program. Depending on the Homemakers choice a donation will be made to one of the three programs documented.

The club was made aware that Tara McCarty is now assisting in the agricultural and homemaker programs. She will no longer be working with 4-H. The extension office is in the process of hiring a new 4-H assistant.

New Business consisted of the scholarship applications will be available week of Feb. 19 at the office or online.

Also the 4-H camp is larger and will now be able to accommodate more participants. The club voted to make a monetary donation to the Camp Scholarship program. Mrs. Porter noted a date will soon be set for the indoor yard sale. Mrs. Porter also reminded the club members of the programs that Heather Cheek is offering at the extension office. She has already held a class on Air Fryers and March 8 she will have a class on dehydrators.

If interested please call the office to register.

Other programs being offered are Cooking around the Calendar and a program for children at the library which is centered around foods connected to books the children have read. Heather has also been visiting the elementary school and introducing students to foods they may have never tried before. Other new business included the fact that the Extension Council is being reshaped. The club also agreed to help Mrs. Porter to instruct fifth graders on proper manners. The members will assist with refreshments and training. A place and date will be announced at a later date.

Mrs. Porter thanked Ann Allison for serving as hostess this month. Each member was greeting with a exfoliate and a scrunchy to use with the product . Maggie Sledd had a door prize which was won by Ann Allison.

Our next meeting will be March 14.

The program will be The Ins and Outs of Downsizing Your Home. Members were also reminded that March 5 will be the Farm and Family night at the Community College.

Another event will be the Mason County International Night. The county this year will be Italy. Mrs. Stephanie Martinez will be the speaker and the food will be catered by Fazoli’s.

The date will be March 26 or March 28.

With no further business to be conducted, Monica Maynard made a motion to adjourn at 1:22 p.m.