Scott shifts focus to this postseason

The path for Scott to get back to Rupp Arena is eerily similar to last season.

After defeating Bishop Brossart in the 37th District Semifinals, the Eagles took a hard fought, one-point loss at the expense of Campbell County, 58-57, in the district finals.

In 2017, the Eagles knocked off Bishop Brossart before a one-point loss to Campbell County, 59-58, in the district final.

Scott opens up with Mason County this year in the 10th Region Tournament, last year’s first year opponent — Mason County.

“There have been so many similarities to last year’s season. From the very beginning,” Eagles coach Steve Fromeyer said. “We’ve won more games this year, we don’t have that one guy anymore that everyone talks about, we’ve got an even balance. We play harder, we play together more this year, but there’s so many similarities and so many similarities leading up to the district and in the district.”

But Scott has heard enough about last year and the run to the Final Four they made as Jake Ohmer captivated the state with his play and turned it into a Division I scholarship with Western Kentucky.

“There is no last year. We don’t talk about last year because only anyone wants to talk about is Jake Ohmer. They didn’t want to talk about anyone else. The past is dead. We’re done talking about the past. These guys are trying to define their legacy. This is not about Steve Fromeyer, any of the assistants, this is about this group of kids,” Fromeyer said. 

And the Eagles have done a nice job of wiping their slate clean, posting a 21-9 record. Scott comes to The Fieldhouse as dangerous as any. They didn’t play many regional games during the regular season, posting a 6-4 record in 10 contests. The four losses came by a combined 15 points, including one-point losses to Mason County and Campbell County, and a two-point loss to George Rogers Clark.

“The first thing is it shows your kids is you’re right there. We’re not too far off from each other,” Fromeyer said. 

Pacing the Eagles all season has been the trio of Trey Meister, Chad Ohmer and Nelson Perrin. All three bring different intangibles to a relentless basketball team. 

“Nelson wants to guard you and has pride. He’s okay with not scoring as long as he shuts out the best player on the other team. Chad wants to bull you to the rim, he’s so strong and that’s what he does. Trey will out shoot you. They are all so different, especially those three,” Fromeyer said.

All three score in double-digits on a nightly basis and will present tough matchups for the Royals.

“Ohmer and Perrin are so good off the dribble. They’re explosive, have strong hands and are great at finishing around basket,” Royals coach Buddy Biggs said. “Mesiter can post or shoot the three or drive it. All three present tough matchups, all three are capable of double digits and all three make them an explosive offensive team.”

Add in Jaycob Pouncy, David Hunter, Kyren Simpson, Logan Fulmer and Nathan Joyce to the rest of the rotation. Those four compliment the high scoring trio nicely in a variety of ways.

“That’s what makes adding a David (Hunter) or a Jaycob Pouncy or a Kyren Simpson, they just want to speed right past you. They want to blow right by you. Then Nathan Joyce wants to be there to get the ball down low and score on you,” Fromeyer said.

Ohmer, Perrin and Pouncy have some postseason experience under their belt, the others don’t have much other than the 37th District Tournament. Even with the loss to the Camels in the championship, Fromeyer feels that was a valuable experience.

“For David and Trey and a couple others are just getting their first taste of the postseason. Games like against Campbell last week, the positives coming out of that is getting that big game, getting that atmosphere out of the way,” Fromeyer said. “Those type of settings are hard for a 16-year-old kid. It’s loud, the bands are rocking and the place was incredible, but daunting I would imagine for them.”

The game with Mason County will be similar to what they faced against Campbell County, pretty much a true road game. The first time the Eagles and Royals met, Mason County came away with a one-point victory as they scored in the closing seconds of a 73-72 victory. That game was also on December 8 and can’t hold much weight nearly three months later.

“We didn’t play very well. It was our fourth game of the year, we had the football kids three weeks, so it is what it is,” Fromeyer said.

Scott and Mason County will do it again Thursday, at 7:30 p.m.

Can the Eagles make another run at The Fieldhouse and return to Rupp? Fromeyer thinks so.

“I honestly thought this team would win region. When the season ended last year and we were walking off the floor at Rupp, I thought we will be better next year than we are now,” Fromeyer said.


Dec 1; Montgomery County; away; (W) 75-50

Dec 2; George Rogers Clark; at North Laurel; (L) 62-60; Nissan Classic

Dec 6; Beechwood; home; (W) 83-58

Dec 8; Mason County; away; (L) 73-72

Dec 12; Harrison County; home; (W) 76-63

Dec 16; Aiken, OH; away; (W) 78-65

Dec 21; Holy Cross (Covington); at Simon Kenton; (W) 76-56; Simon Kenton Invitational Tournament

Dec 22; Simon Kenton; away; (W) 64-53; Simon Kenton Invitational Tournament

Dec 23; Collins; at Simon Kenton; (L) 79-74; Simon Kenton Invitational Tournament

Dec 29; Triton Central, IN; at Lawrenceburg, IN; (W) 62-49; Lawrenceburg Holiday Tournament

Dec 29; Centerville, IN; at Lawrenceburg, IN; (W) 66-42; Lawrenceburg Holiday Tournament

Dec 30; Lawrenceburg, IN; away; (L) 67-57; Lawrenceburg Holiday Tournament

Jan 2; Holmes; away; (W) 82-72

Jan 6; South Laurel; away; (W) 73-65 (OT); Raymond Reed Classic

Jan 9; Pendleton County; away; (W) 75-73

Jan 10; Boone County; away; (W) 78-50

Jan 19; Campbell County; away; (L) 84-73

Jan 21; Dixie Heights; at BB&T Arena; (W) 71-68;  Bluegrass Classic

Jan 22; Calvary Christian; away; (W) 78-39

Jan 26; Bishop Brossart; home; (W) 70-43

Jan 27; Harlan County; away; (W) 72-71

Jan 30; Covington Catholic; home; (L) 70-51

Feb 1; Newport Central Catholic; away; (L) 72-71

Feb 6; Ryle; home; (W) 89-73

Feb 9; Conner; home; (W) 75-61

Feb 12; Ludlow; home; (W) 88-51

Feb 14; Grant County; home; (W) 77-49

Feb 16; Cooper; away; (L) 66-34

Feb 21; Bishop Brossart; at Campbell County; (W) 68-50; 37th District Tournament

Feb 23; Campbell County; away; (L) 58-57; 37th District Championship

Mar 1; Mason County; away; 7:30 PM; 10th Region Tournament


00; Chad Ohmer; 11; G; 5-10

1; David Hunter; 11; G; 6-0

3; Grant Profitt; 9; G; 5-9

4; Trey Meister; 11; F; 6-4

5; Nelson Perrin; 12; G; 5-8

10; Andrew Sipple; 10; G; 5-7

11; Noah Joyce; 11; F; 6-0

12; Clay Coleman; 11; F; 6-0

13; Kyren Simpson; 11; G; 5-7

14; Logan Buckner; 10; F; 5-11

15; Logan Huber; 10; F; 5-10

20; Jaycob Pouncy; 12; G; 5-11

21; Mark Sipple; 12; F; 5-10

22; Avi Allen; 11; F; 6-1

23; Gavin Steele; 10; F; 6-0

24; Mayo Howlett; 10; F; 5-10

25; Quincy Perrin; 10; F; 5-11

30; Nathan Joyce; 11; F; 6-0

31; Logan Fulmer; 12; G; 5-9

32; Hunter Smith; 11; C; 6-5

33; Austin Major; 11; G; 5-9

44; Nigel Robinson; 10; F; 5-10

Head Coach: Steven Fromeyer

Assistants: Jordan Adkins, Alex Marksberry, Jeremy Zeigler

Athletic Director: William Schwartz

Trainer: Logan Kraemer





FIELD GOAL %: 48.8

3-POINT %: 34.2

FREE THROW %: 73.0