New COVID-19 cases in Fleming

Christy Howell-Hoots [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG — There are 124 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Fleming County.

There were eight cases confirmed on Saturday.

A spokesperson for the health department said earlier that some of those cases could be traced to a church revival and a business.

There have been no reported deaths in Fleming County.

According to, Fleming County is one of the counties currently in the red zone, which means there are 25 plus cases per 100,000.

In Mason County, 154 confirmed cases were reported Friday, an increase of nine cases over earlier in the week. The county also has three deaths associated with the virus. Mason County is currently in the orange zone.

In Bracken County, numbers have increased somewhat this week and the county has reported its first COVID-19-related death. Bracken County has 49 confirmed cases, with eight of them active and one death. Bracken County is the orange zone.

In Robertson County, there have been 14 confirmed cases resulting in one death. The county is in the green zone.

Across the river in Ohio, Adams County has 183 confirmed cases to date with six deaths associated with COVID-19 while Brown County has reported 337 cases and three deaths.

Officials continue to encourage residents to wear a mask as the best safeguard against the virus. Other measures to help prevent becoming infected include:

— Stay home if ill

— Wear a face covering in public

— Avoid large crowds and gatherings

— Practice physical distancing (6 feet apart)

— Wash hands and surfaces frequently

— Monitor symptoms and remember to seek medical attention if needed.

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