Newscast to return to high school

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG — Once a product of a defunct program at Fleming County High School, the school will soon see a return of its student news broadcast.

Charlene Hall, technology and marketing teacher at FCHS, is attempting to bring back the campus’ weekly newscast as part of her class curriculum. According to Hall, the newscast is intended to keep the student body up to date on events within the school.

“We want to do a newscast again because we want to be able to keep our students informed about everything that’s going on in our school,” Hall said. “We also want to promote activities that are going on, we want to promote our school. We want everybody to know the good things we are doing.”

Previously, around three years ago, the high school did have a school news show which was produced and created by students called, “The Panther Eye.” However, as funding for the school’s media program was cut, the show fell into dormancy.

Hall believes bringing the show back, although without much of the equipment originally used for the media program, is still a great way to benefit both the school and its students.

“I am not an expert in the field of media, however I feel like that, as a marketing teacher and as a marketing program, we can get the word out and be able to promote our school through the different media outlets,” she said.

For the students participating in creating the newscast, the skill involved in doing so definitely coincide with the school district’s new curriculum.

“We have the BRIDGE Performance indicators that is new for our students, and I think it is going to be a way to help them to meet some of those indicators, give them projects to do, help them learn to be good public speakers, good team leaders and that kind of thing,” Hall said.

As of now, four students are taking part in reviving the school news cast; Maleah Hendrix, Conner Grannis, Trinity Evans and Peyton Hall. While they admit news wasn’t an avenue they thought they would pursue, they are nonetheless interested in trying.

“I’m super excited to get it out there, and I feel like it will be another way that students will be able to be up to date on what’s going on,” Peyton Hall said.

This small group of students, though they are still learning about the workings of news, still intend to make the best newscast they can and to reach out to their fellow students.

“I think that the main thing we want to do is just make it successful and be involved with the students,” Evans said.

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]