Bigfoot evidence shared at MCPL

Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]

Bigfoot was a topic of discussion at the Mason County Public Library on Saturday.

Charlie Raymond, founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization, said his organization’s mission is to prove the existence of Bigfoot without killing them.

“I believe that they’ll one day go extinct,” Raymond told the crowd at the library. “There are sightings of Bigfoot from all over the country. Theodore Roosevelt wrote about an encounter.”

According to Raymond, hair samples have been collected and found to be from an “unknown primate”

“Native Americans called them Sasquatch,” he said.

Raymond said he believes Bigfoot is a yet to be discovered hominid that some also believe could be paranormal.

“There are more than 300 reports of sightings in Kentucky, but no reports of injuries from them,” he said. “They typically have brown, black, grey or white hair. They’re muscular with broad shoulders, no neck, a hooded nose and ape/human-like features. They’re highly intelligence, but not harmful. They walk with a glided motion.”

Raymond showed guests several pieces of evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, including a video from the 1960s that showed something that looked like Bigfoot walking across rocks and turning to look at the camera.

“He turns his upper torso, because we believe they have stiffer necks and can’t turn just their heads, which is why it turns the whole upper torso,” Raymond said.

Other evidence shown included recordings with what Raymond believes to be a Bigfoot yelling out. He compared one clip to an owl.

“You can hear the owl in the first clip and in the second clip, you can tell the sound is completely different,” he said.

Another piece of evidence shown was a video of something crawling on the ground.

“One of the reasons we believe Bigfoot hasn’t been recorded yet is due to their ability to hide from humans. They can step quickly behind a tree or the younger ones will drop down into high grass and crawl away on their stomachs.”

According to Raymond, in the video, it is not a deer or another animal crawling, but he believes it to be a Bigfoot.

Raymond said there are several sightings reported on his website and he has asked that anyone who has a sighting of their own to report it.

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Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]