Teacher raising money for Chromebooks

Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]

BROOKSVILLE — A teacher at Taylor Elementary School is trying to raise money for Chromebooks.

Hali Mains is a writing and language arts teacher at TES. Her students use Chromebooks to conduct research, publish their writing pieces for their portfolios and complete online assignments.

“The students also use the Chromebooks for our reading program, Lexia,” she said. “Our students have an individualized plan that is through the program that requires them to meet a certain amount of minutes per week. Often times, our students aren’t able to meet those requirements because the lack of Chromebooks available.”

Mains is currently running a fundraiser on donorschoose.org and asking for assistance to purchase three Chromebooks to add to the one classroom set currently available in the school.

“We currently have one class set that consists of 25,” Mains said. “We have 200 students using that one set. Both third and fourth grade share them. Therefore, it’s very difficult for our students to complete assignments. When one class is using them, then seven others are without. I would love to have a class set for my fourth grade class, which would service 100 students.”

According to Mains, there are alternatives for students who do not have access to the Chromebooks.

“If students don’t have access to a Chromebook, to complete the assignment, then they can either complete it at home, or wait until it’s their one day to attend the computer lab,” she said. “When it’s our day for the lab, we only get 30 minutes. Most of my students are from low income families, who do not have internet access, let alone a computer at home to do the assignment. Therefore, we’re having to work around the clock to make sure they get it made up at a later date. This poses the issue of having another student without a Chromebook, so that the student, who is making the assignment up, is able to complete their assignment. It can be very frustrating to both the student and the staff member.”

Mains said she is trying to raise $809 in order to fully fund the project. The deadline is Nov. 29.

“However, those three will not be enough to meet our needs,” she said. “That was the limit that I could currently ask for on Donors Choose though. We truly need an entire cart, which would contain 25 Chromebooks, which is around $6,000-$7,000.”

The Donors Choose fundraiser can be found by visiting https://www.donorschoose.org/project/what-you-write-might-just-change-the-wor/3443980/.


Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]