Fleming County salutes first responders

Hanna Mills - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG – Fleming County Chamber of Commerce held a 9/11 appreciation dinner and program Tuesday to honor all Flemingsburg and Fleming County first responders.

The Chamber and Fleming County Museum Society hosted the event.

The program started with Chamber President Kevin Cornette welcoming those on hand.

“On behalf of the Fleming County Chamber of Commerce and Fleming County Museum Society. We’d like to welcome you to our September 11 program. Our goal here tonight is to honor all of our local first responders and those who serve our community on a daily basis. Whether it be a fire, Auto accident, or a missing person our first responders are always there, no matter the time of day or night.”

He then recognized Dispatch, Fleming County Fire Department, Ewing Volunteer Fire Department, Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department, Mount Carmel Volunteer Fire Department, Tilton Volunteer Fire Department, Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, Kentucky State Police, Fleming County Emergency Management, PHI Air Medical, and Fleming County EMS.

Following the recognition of the first responders, Fleming County High School Band Director Keith Coleman, performed the National Anthem on the trumpet.

Cub Scout Pack 117 explained and demonstrated flag folding and what the ceremony represents.

A moment of silence was given to remember those who have died in the line of duty and a prayer for those who are now first responders now was observed.

The Fleming County High School Choir gave a performance under the direction of Shelia Marshall Lamb.

“I just want to thank you all again for giving us the opportunity to come out and pay tribute to you guys. We have so many freedoms because of what you guys do. We thank you so much for everything that you do for our community, for our state, and even nationwide when you’re out in uniform doing what you do. You truly are angels,” Lamb said.

Phyllis Ritchie was the keynote speaker. Ritchie is a lifelong resident of Fleming County and was employed at Fleming County Hospital for 27 years. Phyllis, her husband, and daughter, were involved in a motor vehicle accident earlier this year and know firsthand the importance of first responders.

“I think it is so appropriate for us to be here tonight to recognize and honor our first responders. Some are paid and some are volunteers. For those of us who are not first responders, we go to work every day with some sort of schedule, our daily tasks for the most part are routine when we are at work we typically don’t think about being in danger or putting our lives at risk,” Ritchie said. “For first responders, they do just the opposite. Their work is never planned, every call they receive is different while some calls can be somewhat predictable. Many times when they go out on a call they have no idea what lies ahead of them. Often times they put their own lives in danger.

State Senator Steve West was also present at the program and spoke about the good 9/11 brought and shared his appreciation for first responders.

“Thanks for having me tonight, this is a great event. You know, some good things came out of Sept. 11, and one good thing that Sept. 11 taught us is that evil is real in this world, but tonight, this shows that there is good in the world to combat that evil,” West said.

Hanna Mills

[email protected]